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Re: PEOPLE! Something else going on here. by remi96 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/10/2006 6:42:52 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Do these HIV patients have full blown aids or are they only HIV infected, because there is a ball park of difference between the two. HIV positive is just that, you have tested positive for the virus , that does not mean the virus is active. These people still have functioning immune systems that work at almost 100%.

On the other hand full blown AIDS patients would not be able to recover from candida. Most really sick AIDS patients and cancer patients die of infections some of which are candida related. This is because there is no immune function.

So these HIV positive people, it is possible that their immune systems are fine, but all the meds they take increase their suseptibilty to candida. Hence taking a round of diflucan cures it , or at least causes it to subside. It is comparable to one of us taking an Antibiotic , feeling lusy afterwards and then taking some nystatin and being cured.

If you have a white tongue and other candida symptoms , you have candida then. Why do you have candida. Did you take steroids, Antibiotics , birth control, hormonal replacement. Are their things you can attribute it to? If not get tested for thyroid, diabetes, liver etc. If after all tests you are negative for anything else and you have taken one of the drug mentioned, then you have candida. Taking Diflucan is not a quick fix. There are people who have been on it for a year or longer with still no CURE. Most of us have had it for years. It is no longer a surface manifestation, it has burrowed down in our Gi tract and traveled throughout our bodies , putting a tremednous strain on our body and making it that much more difficult to erradicate.

The cure for candida is to build the body back up. Yes we must try to assist the body as much as we can by starving the yeast, eating healthy etc etc. But building the body up is a necessity. I have personally found that most of my problems, symptoms and even the severity of candida is directly related to mineral deficiencies. I have proven this to myself over and over. Early in the summer I ate the harshest diet ever. I only consumed chicken ( free range), broccoli, cauliflower and eggs ( free range Antibiotic free). That was all I ate for months. I got progressively worse until November came and I thought it was over for me.

Finally I realized how bad the strict diet is on our bodies. I began to add some things back to my regimen while supplementing with vitamins and liquid minerals, plenty of water and Sea Salt . Each month I have seen steady and radical improvement. I also exercise, rebound, and try to not get stressed. All very important.

As this is the second time I had this, I know for a fact it can be cured as I have already done it once. However, the mistake is to look for quick results, because they are NOT going to happen. Curing candida involves a commitment to life change. Much like losing weight ( even though I have never had to lose any) But we all know someone who is always trying to lose weight. These poor people weight themselves everyday and cannot understand why they can not lose weight. Same theory. Dieting does not work, only life change.
Curing candida means that you create a sensible meal plan avoid what exacerbates the problem, but also that focus is placed on assisting the body. Meaning, drinking plenty of water, exercise, fresh air, new attitude, and incorporating foods vitamins and minerals that will nourish our ravaged bodies. The body can heal itself if given what it needs. You cut yourself , it heals, break a bone it heals, get the flu, it goes away. Anyone with a functioning immune system can get better.

The mistake I believe alot of people make is one of a few or all the them.
1.) not sticking with something long enought to get results. I see it time and time again where someone posts a message that they are taking this, that, and the other thing and no results. They bop from pill to pill, trying to find that one magic answer. It does not exist. Candida takes a long time to get rid of. You will not see results in weeks , maybe not even in months. It could take 6 months before you even begin to feel die off.
2.) cheating on the diet. Eating things that cause it flare up. If you cheat, you simply wipe out all you have worked so hard for. At least in the early stages, Later on is a different story.
3.) Thinking meds will get a better response. Medications are toxins folks. So while you might be slapping the candida around a bit, you are also putting a poison in your body. And all medication have repercussions whether you realize it or not. For most of us it is drugs that put us in this predicamint to begin with.
4.) Unreasonable expectations. When starting an antifungal it does not mean you will "feel it " in a week, two weeks, 3 months. You may never feel it. That does not mean you are not making progress. Do research , fomr a plan and stick with it.

What I have found is working for me is simply a sensible diet , exercise as I metioned and I take 1 Grapefruit-Seed-Extract tablet per day. I have stuck with this for months now and I am feeling better and better. If I start to feel my die off lessening I will change antifungals. I have been really sick since about June of 05 although I have had this thing for 7 years. Through these 9-10 months I struggled and it has only ben the last month or two feeling better. And I never cheated on my diet , so that should let people know, it takes a long time to make progress.

And while it is true that another problem such as diabetes could definately make this thing impossible to get rid of, according to Drs I speak to it generally takes 3-6 months for thise without other circumstances.


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