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Yes, something else is going on by #47594 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/11/2006 4:33:11 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I mainly lurk here now, only occasionally,because I was able to solve my problem. And back in the day when I was here, I read a post where it said Candida is not the main disease in and of itself, but a symptom of a larger problem. And this made perfect sense to me. Look at the HIV patients, it is BECAUSE their immune system is compromised, they Candida overgrows in their bodies.

I have severe allergies and I had chronic sinusitis. Diet helped only a little. This forum said to avoid Antibiotics . Well, that didn't help because the sinusitis got worse. After reading the above statement, I went back to my doctor, went on Antibiotics for 6 weeks (yes I took probiotics with them) then had sinus surgery, and 90% of my problems went away. I still had the white tongue. But then I went to the dentist, and found I had some loose fillings with cavities. Once those were fixed my white tongue disappeared. I've been feeling better almost 2 years now. I still have allergies, but no chronic sinusitis, no debilitating fatigue, no white tongue.

Yes it is true, Antibiotics can destroy the good flora which can cause Candida to overgrow. But I beleive, when you have a bacterial infection, your body allows Candida to overgrow because either a) it is too 'busy' fighting the bacterial infection and the immune system is overworked and fatigued or b) becaue bacteria and candida keep each other in check usually, the body allows for candida overgrowth in an attempt to fight the infection. Other things can compromise the immune system also, thyroid problems, adrenal problems leaky gut etc.. the list goes on.

So all of you indeed have candida, but unless you solve the root health problem(s) that is allowing the candida to florish, you will never feel better.


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