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Couple of helpful links by brankey ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/12/2006 1:47:12 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hello guys and gals...
I won't debate anything said before, as I've found out Candida has many disguises as it never comes alone; It'a very ellusive organism, and trying to know all the variants will take us closer to insanity (literally).

Let's be aware that candida (yeast)is a very basic organism, and it knows more about us than we do know about it.

Candida (yeast), is a pre-historic survivor that has made many allies, it knows many of our likes and desires, and 'coincidentally', most of "our cravings" are based on what feeds candida.... mmmhhmm(?).

It is a very common ailment, and it is getting worse, as we keep making it easier for them to comfortably inhabit in our bodies...
I know I made myself available to the SOB Candida, and found out -the hard way- what Candida hates the most, and just loves the opposite:

***Candida loves***
+ Cooked,canned,non-fresh and Junk food
+ Soda, soft, sugary drinks
+ Couch potatoes
+ Low PH/Acidic blood
+ indoors/overdressed bodies
+ Grumpy, stressed people
+ Insomniacs
+ Constipated people
To make it all simpler, just ask yourself:
If you have an ongoing immune problem, it is very possible that you have an overgrowth of Candida.

Here's a couple of links that explain this and help us in understanding the problem accurately..

Are You In The Grip Of Candida?

2.- Discover What's Causing Your Candida Yeast And Beat It

Hope it help us all get rid of this obnoxious nuisance ASAP!!

Kind Regards..Cool


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