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Re: Mercury Paranoia Overblown by remi96 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/16/2006 12:41:06 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have to agree with you. And I have found much conflicting information everywhere regarding every topic. Personally I try to weigh both sides. And a lot of the time things seem very one sided on this board.

We cannot get to the root of our problems by putting up blinders and pretending that the only right way is what we already believe. Maybe removing Amalgams is the answer for some, a few very small percentage. Maybe it is not. My feeling has been to provide as much objective information as possible. As I have said previously regarding mercury, I have a chiropractor friend is suffering terrible went thru all removal protocol and is still violently ill. I know people with candida and no fillings. I know people with tons of fillings and no candida. I personally have over 10 I believe. Yet, I tested hardly any in my blood. I have far more Thallium and lead and almost no mercury. So in my opinion, mercury might ( and I say MIGHT) be making an extremely small percentage of people sick who are sensitive to it or if they are already ill and their bodies cannot flush it out.

Unfortunately on this board, only the current hot topic remedy is acceptable. If you say anything against the grain here you will be mocked to some degree.

I like to play devils advocate with everything. Only by weighing both sides can one be educated. I actually entertained mercury as being a potential problem for myself. Only after researching thoroughly , BOTH SIDES, have I come to the educated conclusion that it is not my problem, along with blood tests to back it up.

I post these messages because I feel there are lots of people out there that read some of these posts and believe immediately that that is what their problem might be and rather than research they head to a dr. and have fillings removed. Only to get no results whatsoever.

So my mission is not to convince anyone one way or another, but to provide info from the conflicting side so we can try to keep this board objective and allow people to make their own decisions rather than ramming decisions down peoples throats.

If you disagree that is fine. But I usually find that most people who passionately respond to these posts are the ones who had fillings removed. And I question, then why are they still in here? Many of these people are still ill, and yet they will stand by their decision and claim that the removal helped them in some way.

All I am trying to do is get to the truth. And there is difference between believing something emotionally and having it actually be true. Many of the people on this board think with their emotional beliefs and not they do not weight the facts. And I guess if I spent the time and anguish having all my fillings ripped out I would be vehement about my response also.


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