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Re: I would like to hear from those with respritory issues and bad allergies---shroom by onthejourney ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/20/2006 7:38:03 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am guessing you're wanting to hear about symptoms. When mine started to get bad, I thought the reason was some new carpet outgassing - which was making me sick - it just wasn't the root of the problem. I have always had a tendency to get a throat infection and stopped up ear on my right side. The ear issue will happen during allergy season or when I have a cold (blocked with bubbling sounds)or if I am around chemicals.

As things progressed, I became allergic to shampoo, cosmetics, hair products, soaps etc. There was a period that I was shampooing with castille soap (did I look rough). Every time I took a shower, it would take hours for the redness on my face to go away. At its worse, if I were going somewhere, I would have to bath hours before. Also, my eyes became very sensitive.

Then I had a breakthrough. I got my Amalgams out. Almost immediately, the extreme sensitivity began to subside. Then I got a gold crown out and got even more good results.

To date, I have chelated with DMPS and had the cavitation surgery and notice that my skin's sensitivity is nearly gone. However, I still suffer with the ear and the blocked nose issue that worsens with the allergy season and I still have a low tolerance for artificial or chemical odors. I also live in La. and even though I live 2 hrs from N.O. and about 45 minutes from other areas hit, I wonder if there are mold spores being carried in the wind that could be exacerbating the allergies - I know I am allergic to mold. (Do you think that this could have an effect?)

As far as food allergies go, I have never been tested but know I must have a sensitivity to wheat and corn. My diet is pretty limited right now - veggies, fish and a little animal protein, buckwheat and quinoa, green apples and lots of cinnamon. My digestive issues really only started at the first of the year. Before that, even though I am sure I had candida in the ear, throat, sinuses and oral thrush, I was not having any bloating or gurgling or cramps/tightness in the gut and life was more liveable. Intersting enough, about a month ago, I did a 9 day Water Fast and put the little buggers on the run. During that time, my stomach was flat and felt normal (albeit empty) and I never sneezed nor sniffled once the whole time. When I would wake up in the morning, my ear and nasal passages were crystal clear.

I hope this is the sort of thing you were wanting to know.




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