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Re: I would like to hear from those with respritory issues and bad allergies---shroom by sans sucre ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/20/2006 1:29:41 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Shroom,

I started getting asthma when I was a small child, then it went away until, you guessed it, I got candida. Before I knew it was candida, I just felt constantly like I could not get enough air. Now, if I eat a food I don't tolerate well, I can get wheezy. It is almost non-existent when I am in a good space and do not have a high level of candida in me, but if I get a bit of an overgrowth, or if I am detoxing too quickly for my liver to keep up, I do get some wheezing after eating things. Over the past 3-ish years of candida treatment, this symptom would wax and wane, depending on my level of candida or toxicity (from over treating). During my first huge die off 3 years ago, I went through a period of time when I would wake 2-3 times in the night, gasping for breath, and would have to go into the bathroom (so as not to disturn hubby) and just sit there for about 45 minutes while taking puff after puff (like, 15 puffs) of my rescue inhaler, all the while coughing and spewing this white foamy metalic tasting stuff from my lungs, until I could breathe well enough to get back to sleep (until I woke again a few hours later with same thing going on). It was very scary - I could hardly catch my breath at all. So, clearly I had candida in my lungs. Since then, I have gone through other die off periods and this same thing would happen, but to a much lesser and lesser degree each time. Now it does not happen when I detox, I can sleep through, but will notice some congestion when I wake in the morning. I also get sinus stuff under the same circumstances. Before candida diagnosis, I would get major sinus headaches and congestion. I now get a few sniffles. . .

Yes, you are right - major dysbiosis, including heartburn, reflux, growling, foul gas, IBS, and 24/7 nausea, etc. was my #1 candida complaint. It went away 100% for a long time. I had a recent resurge of candida (stupid me - started smoking again, and was eating a lot of dark chocolate cause a little was fine, but then a little turned into daily. . . I could kick myself), so am now trying to beat it back thru alkalizing, which seems to be helping greatly (I won't touch antifungals now because they are too hard on my liver, which is impaired greatly from all the over-use of antifungals I did, and besides, I believe the answer is lifestyle change not killing, at least for me).

I do get insomnia if I get too toxic, which can happen for a couple of reasons, such as eating a food I am highly allergic to (tho there are not too many of those anymore, TG) or if I get too strong a die off. After that settles (usually only lasts a day or 2), I go thru a period of a few days where all I want to do is sleep (damn this "job" thing! - I bet I would be so much better if I didn't have to work and could spend all day just doing treatments and resting, but alas, lol).

As for sex drive, that is a direct result of liver. When my liver is not in good shape, nothing can turn me on. I feel dead. When things start getting back into good form, liver wise, the desires begin to re-emerge, which is fun :) The body will forgo that which is least necessary for survival (sex) when it is trying to deal with more pressing issues (like healing) and needs its energy reserve.

Hope that helps!

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