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Re: What can I share? n/m by serene_tea ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/23/2006 6:10:34 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Actually, I thought about this a lot and want to ammend this post in case you read it to say that I think you might want to try getting your thyroid/adrenals supported with the proper supplements and meds and then look to correcting the root cause. When I was very hypothyroid I was too exhausted to recover my health without taking hormone replacement -- not to mention it saved my sanity. I sense your anger about this issue from your reply, but I do think it is beneficial to try hormone balancing first.

If you haven't tried different combinations of T4/T3, you might want to work with a doctor who is more openminded and believes in addressing adrenals too -- assuming yours doesn't as 90% of them don't. It is key to get all the proper tests (assuming you havent') TSH, Free T4/Free T3, antibodies and adrenals to start. I purposely looked for a holistic doc who works with thyroid and other chronic conditions and he was a godsend. Gallbladder/ Liver Flushing (with the Hulda Clark e flush) was KEY to me absolutely and still is key. Not all the stones and sludge show up on an ultrasound.

Also, there are big connections between congested gallbladder and hypothyroid, and allergies and hypothyroid, and Candida and hypothryoid, and celiac or other food intolerances (not allergies, intolerances) and hypothyroid, and nutrient imbalances and hypothyroid -- so if you haven't look into all those things you might want to. I had to address ALL of the above issues before my health totally rebalanced and I'm still on a grain of Armour a day now & trying to wean off, but I'd rather stay on it than every be hypo again.

If you Google Mary Shomon she has a lot of good online info about thyroid and related holistic and allopathic treatments. I've learned a lot from her on

Another good holistic site is -- she talks about thryoid and liver/gallbladder on the site. I do think that is the main connection for me and that site was very helpful.

Also has been helpful to me, as well as curezone of course.

Blessings and good luck in healing, I know how devastating it is to lose your sex drive and that broke up my relationship with the man I hoped to marry, so I totally understand.


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