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Re: Any ideas what to do ? - Please Help , Im getting desperate by stemmy ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/16/2006 4:16:13 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi Dave....hang in there, brother, its a long road but definitely worth it. I got pneumonia back in December, this after feeling like crap for at least 2 years and always having a problem with constipation. I was so sick in December that I thought I was going to die. Shortly after that in the first part of January, I was to the point where I could only go to the bathroom every 10 days. I had already had an endoscopy, colonoscopy and ulstrasound and none of them found anything. I went home the 10th night and cried to my husband that I couldn't take it anymore. He had mentioned my problems to his chiropractor who is also a nutritionist and I went to see her immediately. First thing she told me was to start doing enemas, start off about 3 times a week and then scale back one each time. She said I was so impacted I needed to empty somewhat before beginning any treatment on what she diagnosed as parasites. She then put me on a kidney and liver cleanse pill for a few weeks to get more impacted waste out. Then she put me on the Paracleanse and Colon Booster for 2 months. During that time I saw so many creature like things come out of me that it didn't freak me out anymore, it just felt to get SOMETHING out!! About 2 weeks ago she took me off the above and put me on a Colon Cleanse and now probiotics and glutemine. You can have your stool sent off for $20 to Great Smokies Lab to test. By the time I sent mine off about 3 weeks ago, it came back that there were no parasites seen but alot of mucosal material. She told me that hopefully the parasites were gone but the mucos was the lining of my intestines coming off due to damage. I'd say I have had these things at least 4 years, but could be longer. She said they did so much damage to my intestines and digestive tract that I had "leaky gut", which basically means the lining had lots of holes in it and so bacteria then leaks out from your gut into your bloodstream. The glutemine is supposed to help heal the lining and the probiotics are used as good bacteria to fight off the bad once cleansed. The whole die off period is pretty bad and sometimes debilitating, but nothing feels as bad as before I started. I drink lots of water. Also, raw pineapple and Black-Walnut drops help kill them rapidly. We never did determine the type I had. At first she thought tapeworm, but then I really thought it was ascaris....and for the past few weeks, I'm convinced its candida. Regular doctors do not typically go for this diagnosis so don't be surprised if your doctor tells you you are dreaming. Its been a very hard fight. My advice is to find a chiropractor who practices natural medicine and send off a stool sample. Also, I found that getting my back adjusted once a week helped, it helps keep my whole lower body in alignment which helps it function better. Sorry for the long response but I have been and still am there and please don't give up hope!!

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