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Re: Any ideas what to do ? - Please Help , Im getting desperate by deb_46 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/18/2006 9:10:21 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi Queta,

For me I think the untreated thyroid lead to the candida. If you look at a list of hypothyroid symptoms you will see recurrent yeast infections. Candida likes a low body temperature as it thrives the best in it and when you are hypo you clearly run a low body temperature. When I first started on thyroid meds and my temperature was up in the normal range I had horrific die off for quite awhile so I knew the candida was not happy.

If your thyroid has went untreated long enough as I said it can cause adrenal fatigue as well and if you don't treat both you won't get your total energy back. It will also make taking the thyroid meds a lot harder to regulate as that is what happened to me. I was on thyroid meds (armour) for about 5 months before I found a place that tested my adrenals and started me on low dose cortisone for them and the dosing of thyroid meds was really difficult. I would do OK on a dose for a few days and then CRASH and then up the dose a little and do OK and then CRASH. After starting treating the adrenals as well the thyroid roller coaster immediately leveled out.

I was told my thyroid was fine for 3 years even though I had nearly every symptom but I kept testing "normal" because they were not running the right tests. I blame the complete ultimate loss of my health to the untreated thyroid and ignorant doctors who would not listen to my symptoms.

I am presently trying to figure out the right dosage of DHEA as well as I tested extremely low in it as well. It is an adrenal hormone so it should help my energy levels as well. Overall, I am probably 90% better than I was this time 2 years ago, it has been a very very difficult journey but I have learned a lot.

Just a little info, a lot of people have problems taking Synthroid which is what you were on, you might see if you can find someone who will give you Armour. There is a great very active thyroid forum on http// that I have learned a lot from. Good luck



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