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Re: Getting better on minimal supplements by prettysoulful ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/21/2006 8:57:03 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I can empathize with your frustrations. It can become a real balancing act.

I'm happy to say that I am showing much improvement. My sinuses are clearer than I can ever remember, my skin is clearing and less dry, my white tongue is retaining its pink better, and I feel energetic.

I have been doing a lot, but more recently I have been focusing on clearing any possible SIBO and increasing my HCl. I'm taking a lot of supplements, but I do feel that they are all helping in specific areas.

I'm taking as follows:

A high potency multivitamin/mineral
300mcg molybdenum per day(liquid form added to daily H2O, major help!!)
10,000IU vitamin A per day(vital for endothelial cells & GI tract during candida fight)
20-50mg zinc picolinate(helps fight candida, and mobilizes vit. A out of the liver)
400IU vitamin E(needed antioxidation)
300mcg selenium(in multi and extra supp. for gradual heavy metal detox & thyroid)
B-complex (to prevent metabolic limiting due to deficiency)
500-700mg magnesium (high to improve my deficiency and help with pH balance)
1000mg calcium (help with acid balance and skin issues)
500mg MSM 3X per week(will up to daily when able to tolerate it, for detoxing)
10mg manganese (to prevent deficiency while detoxing liver)
Milk thistle-based liver supp. (clear and detox liver during cleanse, break every 2-3 weeks)
2,000mg triphala (an excellent whole body detoxer)
3-5 betaine HCl caps per meal (I've seen major GI improvements since adding this)
Candida Clear per instructions
Peppermint oil 2-3 times per day
1000mg pantothenic acid
600mg pantethine (significant candida improvements since adding this)
Probiotics and kombucha tea regularly

Every Saturday, I take a break from my supplements except my moly, antifungals, and my cal/mag. My multi contains 18mg of iron to prevent deficiency while detoxing liver.

I know, it sounds like a lot, but many of these are temporary, being used for a short time. Some will be discontinued by the end of this month.


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