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Re: Probiotics - need a quick lesson and recommendation by #165475 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/7/2003 4:51:50 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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First I will answer your question on what Candida is, it is an overgrowth of yeast that normally is kept at bay in your intestines by good bacterias (probiotics). When this yeast overgrows, it can root into our intestines and release it's posions toxins and so forth into our bloodstream. Some believe that it can then work through our system becoming a systemic yeast infection and can implant itself throughout our bodies, reaking havoc all over the place from sinus problems to joints and muscle problems to even cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, diabetes and so forth. My favorite teacher on fungus is Doug Kauffman he has two great books The Fungus Link and The Germ Than Causes Cancer. He also has a website that has a lot of info on yeast. Now you should know that regular medical Science will not recognize yeast as a problem they only think it is a nuisance that woman experience at least once in their lifetime, HUH! And that only immuno compromised people are suseptible to over growth. What they don't recognize is that our poor immune systems are so overworked by all the toxins, poisons, pollution, food additives etc. etc. etc. that are put into our bodies on a daily basis that anybody can be suseptible especially people who have been on Antibiotics (mycotoxins). The poor western civilization (esp. America I'm sure) diet just feeds the yeast, stress can lower your immunity to fight it. Lack of exercise, a seditary lifestyle, and so forth helps the yeast to overgrow.

I have a different view of the probiotics, I think you should take them daily whether you are doing or not doing the P&B shakes. I have even mixed them right into the P&B shakes before. Make sure the probiotic that you take has FOS in it, like the other person who posted said it is important that it is able to feed on this sugar, it is not a Sugar that is digestible by our bodies if I understand right. I use UAS LABS DDS Plus acidophilus, it is very reasonable about $18 and lasts me about 45 days, it has to be refrigerated, but believe me if I miss two or more days I am in trouble with a yeast infection simmering ready to flare. There are other brands on the market that are supposed to be even better or at least pricier the first I have tried 's Primal Defense it is expensive at about $45 per jar, this is a soil based organism which means the bacterias are derived from the soil, there is also the parents of the probiotic movement Natren's Healthy Trinity this stuff is expensive!!!! I haven't tried it due to the price. There is some controversy out there about the soil based organism, but if you read Jordan Rueban's testimonial, and see the pictures of him before and then after using the Primal Defense it does make it hard to believe that the arguments against the soil based is more a question of someone dipping into someone else's profit margin.

I hope that I have been able to give you more insight into the whole candida probiotic issues :o).

Happy Cleansing!!!

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