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Re: EXPERIENCE: DOCTOR! ... positive feedback from their doctors about doing a flush? by #10686 ..... Liver Flush FAQ

Date:   12/21/2003 9:19:03 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I asked a gastroenterologist to look over my amazing liver cleanse book and tell me what she thought of it. The first thing she said was, "Now tell me, who is going to take your gallbladder out?"

I said I hadn't decided to do that, not having any gallbladder attacks, but all the other symptoms listed in the book, and I wanted to talk to her about what they all mean.

I asked her if she considered the cleanse to be dangerous. "No, not dangerous, but with all that apple juice for a week, well, it's very gassy, and could make you get gas pains and be uncomfortable. Now you should just forget that and have your gallbladder out. Now, who is going to take it out?" She really said this!!

I had learned what I went there for, so I went home and did the kidney cleanse, the liver cleanse preparation, and the pre-cleanse colonic irrigation, following all the instructions exactly, and then the actual cleanse. The apple juice caused no problems at all. It was just delicious. The cleanse results were right in line with what the amazing liver cleanse book said to expect. I passed about 300 stones, was a little tired the rest of the day, and have been gaining strength, energy, and mental clarity ever since. Certainly A LOT better than I would feel after gallbladder surgery (if I survived the operation).

My blood pressure went to normal in two days, after 12 years of being high. The diarrhea and colon spasms I had for the last five years are gone. For several years I had been digesting only 40% of my food. Two days after the colonic treatment and liver cleanse, I am digesting 95% of my food, my severe Depression has lifted, my pain is gone, and I have good, even energy and a normal appetite with no cravings. Bloating throughout my body, especially the abdomen, is gone.

I plan to do additional cleanses and colon irrigations, as recommended in the book, to make sure all the stones are eliminated.

I consider it essential to have a good colonic therapist. as recommended in the amazing liver cleanse. By luck, the one I found also does visceral manipulation. I had never heard of this. She examined my abdomen and told me that my liver was causing all my problems. The liver was so rigid it was pulling the supporting ligament. which is also attached to the colon. No doctor ever told me anything like this! The first time I took these abdominal pain and digestive problems to a doctor was in 1986. They would say, "Well, you've got a spastic colon."

The colon therapist freed up the ligament immediately, which got rid of my colon spasms within minutes, along with severe pain in my shoulder and arm. I had suffered for years with these, losing many months of work. I took my symptoms to 10 doctors in the past 20 years,at a cost of thousands of dollars. Some of these doctors even laughed at my condition. Some gave me pills and ultrasounds. Some said that I had a fatty liver, but made no effort to explain it or to help me do something about it. Several even prescribed dangerous drugs known to compromise the liver!! Four of them in the past year repeatedly urged me to have my gallbladder out--and I haven't had any gallbladder attacks!

Most of these doctors hardly touched or examined me, and most hardly even looked at me. Their typical behavior was to hurry me along, and get to their next appointment. I mentioned this to the colon therapist--the terrible dilemma of finding a doctor who cares and will do something real about the problem. The colon therapist summed it up by saying, "The thing we most need to find, and that is hardest to find is a doctor who loves and respects the human body."

The doctors charge me $100 for 10 minutes of battling with them for information. The colon therapist charged me $70 for an hour and a half of professional attention and treatment. For the price of the liver cleanse book and a colonic treatment and a few hours of time, I am beginning to heal.

I'm sure there are good doctors out there, but I can't afford to look for them anymore. I tried in three cities, and the ones I found didn't respect me, my body, my pocketbook, my time or my hopes for a healthy and productive life.

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