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Could be Parasites by heyjude ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   12/30/2004 4:00:47 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My heart goes out to you and your family.

These lumps and cysts could be liver flukes or roundworms, they show up as lumps sometimes, and hide inside of cysts. Get her on a parasite cleanse fast. If it does end up being cancer,
Chemo not only destroys the bad cells but the good cells also. This is why they give you one to two weeks between treatments. They usually give you nothing to help your immune system build back up. STAY OFF Antibiotics TOTALLY! They are a mycotoxin and add to the cancer , feeding it.
If it was my mom and she decide to do the chemo treatments, I would have her take beta glucan with shark oil from a company called seagate,this helps to build up your immune cells, I would have her drink carrot juice all day. Start taking Black-Walnut , Wormwood and clove tinctures 3 times a day along with zapping. To remove liver flukes and other parasites.

The DIET--I would stop eating all grains, corn is another, full of mycotoxins, fill your body with yeast, causing many deseases, check out web site-know the cause-- with Doug Kauffman, he with doctors have been written books, one about cancer, which makes so much sense. NO SURAR it feeds the mycotoxins and parasites. He also has a tv show on cable-also called know the cause.

Read everything you can get your hands on about immune support and on liver cancer. The web is an excellant source. Dr. Day cured herself of cancer, no grains or sugar, she did fresh carrot juice and all health foods she has a web site also. This site has information on cancer and parasites. There are many other good sites, go to a web search engine and type in liver cancer and immune support for cancer.

Both my parents died of cancer, mom 56 liver cancer, dad 71 bladder cancer, so I have been on a search for myself and family to save us from the terrible BIG C. The main things I have found out since is you need to help your immune system to fight the cancer and the chemo treatments. Next would be the parasites, flukes and worms cause cancer. As Hulda Clark has found, your mom probably has liver flukes, I would get her to cleanse quickly using Black-Walnut , Wormwood , and clove tinctures and get a zapper. Shark liver oil helps many with cancer but not all companies make good oil, again check out the seagate company, they really do make their own supplements.
Read, get informed, don't believe everything doctors tell you, I have learned they are not -GOD- and don't have all the answers.
Stick up for what you believe is right after you have read and found information.
This is my opinion and what I would do, mainly get all the information you can and share it with you family.....heyjude


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