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Re: Instant recovery? by tobi888 ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   8/9/2004 2:29:16 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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how are you doing now? I hope you feel much better. How is your memory? Based on the info out there I am also giving myself about 10 years to recover as you could see from my previous post.

There is no such thing as instant recovery. Recovery, since Amalgams cause many symptoms... has many aspects to it. I was only talking about fatigue. I don't have time now, but later Iíll post of the links I found. Commonly referenced. 89% of the people who get their Amalgams out recover from chronic fatigue. Quite a lot recover from chronic fatigue the day after the procedure. My dentist also told me about many of his patients that feel a tremendous improvement the very next day. Huggins talk about this also.

Like I said, recovering from all the other things will take a long time, like 10 years or longer. Also some people are sicker than others so they may not recover from chronic fatigue as fast either.

On top of this, getting them out has little to do with recovery. Having it taken out by not following the protocols is shown not only to negate any benefits but you will get sicker. So getting them out the right way is what it is about. If you are wondering about the 89% stats, yes, they are with regards to people who had it taken out using the protocols and were matched with a resin.

On top, to complicate mattes even more so, if you are self medicating (chelating), there is no way to account anymore of the benefit of having the Amalgams removed because if the chelation is done wrong you will be causing a lot of damage to your body. Very very few people know how to chelate...simply because they buy into every fad in the book, then combine all the things they heard of and go with it. You really need to get your hands on quality studies, find what works and what does not. To date I have not found one that works without great dangers. You must thoroughly understand how to navigate around these side effects. Getting the right source for the chelating agent, making sure it is clean, the right dosing of the chelating agent, the right dosing of agents that will help with both subverting the side effects and also allowing the agent to play the full role in the biological pathway. by this I mean a lot of the chelators don't work on their own. They can attach to mercury but few can get it out of your body. So you need other agents that will then get the attached mercury out of your body from the small intestine and such. This way the full biological pathway is mobilized. Otherwise it is like a automobile with a spark plug but no gasoline. On top, you should be monitoring your results scientifically. This means having calculated test samples done. This will help you a fine tune your medication (u will need to do this regularly), and also monitor your results so you can throw out things that don't work, and also monitor your progress. By knowing how many fillings you had, and some well timed tests through the chelating period, you can estimate how much is left. You won't get it right on, but it should be in the ballpark. Many things can give you errors, like if you eat tuna and mercury, then you can forget this. It is very complex. I believe it to be the most complex issue in medicine today. Also the most important. Science is simply just learning about these things. It will take decades to get into main stream medicine. If you do some research, I think you'll discover how extremely dangerous chelation really is. And I mean scientific research, not some info from a website of the manufacturer for some product...with testimonials. We have a guy here that testifies that adults can regrow teeth my meditation.

The fact is, that all the chelators only get out at the very most a few percent of the mercury they mobilize in your system. that means almost all gets reabsorbed into your body through your bloodstream.

This, I believe though I am not a doctor, so take everything I say as being my opinion, is the reason why people who chelate do not recover from chronic fatigue. By chelating, even with the mercury amalgams out, you are ensuring that your bloodstream has a plentiful supply of mercury. All the mercury your body needs to shut down your system from producing the necessary factors from energy like coQ10, shut down your methione levels, and such. The people who do not chelate, and I should and hence do not chelate improperly, simply because due to the unavailability of a proper chelating protocol due to its complexity, do not seem to have any problems recovering from chronic fatigue.

If you are chelating, you are most definitely doing it the wrong way, researching the matter thoroughly will only make sure you do it better and smarter...but not a full proof way. When you mobilize mercury, it will get in your blood stream, and hence you will feel sicker. That simple. In the long term, who knows.

3 years, thanks, I had that stuff, will post later. Thanks again.


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