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New Cancer protocols from 2TUFF by sumerian ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   3/5/2006 10:50:51 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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03 MARCH 2006


Feel free to distribute this information as much as possible and help others

Chinese herbal medicines for Cancer

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang
Fei Liu Ping
Pishen Fang
Si Jun Zi Tang,
Shen Xue Tang
Shi Quan Da Bu Tang
Ye Qi Sheng Xue Tang

Suffering from Cachexia?

This is due to the process of Gluconeogenesis which is where the Cancer craves more food and you simply aren't supplying enough. Your Cancer produces Lactic Acid which circulates back to the Liver and gets converted into Glucose to yet again feed the Cancer. The Lactic Acid helps to destroys tissue and this is the muscle wasteing which is well know in late stages of some Cancers. Some people take Hydrazine Sulfate which stops the enzymatic process in the Liver so that the conversion cannot take place. So unless you take glucose some other way then the Cancers cannot feed and die. I personally cannot see how anyone using Hydrazine Sulfate cannot still waste away until the Cancers are destroyed at least. They will produce Lactic Acid till the end, desperate for survival. The Hydrazine is to combat the feeding, not Cachexia. If you wish to fight Cachexia you can either feed your Cancer with more glucose which isn't a good thing and obviously this is a deadly almost-never ending spiral till eventually you die.

What you need to do to combat Cachexia is the following which yeld great results:

E.P.A 4.8 grams
Vitamin E 9200 IU
N-Acetylcysteine 2 grams
Melatonin 20mg
Glutamine 8 grams.

You can utilise all of the above or even one of them but I always advise you use a combination to be on the safe side and if compounds are synergistic then they will be boosted in strength which is more the better for you and your condition.

Reduce Free-Radical producing metals

Reduce your Iron & Copper intake and maybe existing body levels if their excessive. You can do this with products like Vitamin C and Molybdenium respectively. With Molybdenium your talking about levels up to 26mg. Be careful not to remove too much as you obviously need a certain amount of Iron & Copper. For instance Beets are high in Iron but are useful against Cancer due to the Iron which can increase Oxygen levels which Cancers detest. Remember on that Cancer also feeds off Iron as with many organisms and yourself. Beets work well with Cancer through 3 main actions and thats its Sugars, Liver cleasing/boosting and as above with oxygen increasing.

Say no to fats

Under no circumstances must saturated or Omega 6 containing fats be used. Omega 6 has been considered the biggest dietary factor in many Cancers.

Cancer fighting protocol

Astragalus (Yellow Vetch or Milk Vetch) 30-60 grams
Blackstrap Molasses 1 tbsp
Bowellia extract 3-5 grams [from the same plant as Frankincense]
Bromelain 1-4 grams [Divided into 500mg doses throughout the day]
Butcher's Broom 1 gram
C.A.P.E 3-15 grams [present in Bee Propolis]
Curcumin 1.5-2 grams [present in Tumeric spice]
Daidzein 1 gram [present in the Red Clover herb]
Horse Chestnut 1-3 grams
E.G.C.G 6-12 grams [present in Green tea]
E.P.A Fish Oil 12-24 grams
Flaxseed Oil 30-60 grams
Garlic 19-150 grams
Genistein 1.5 grams [present in the Red Clover herb]
Glutamine 8-30 grams
Melatonin 20mg }Only to be taken in the late afternoon, evening/night{
Pau D' Arco 3-7 cups of tea
Resveratrol 100mg [present in grapes and vines]
Shiitake Mushroom 120 grams
Siberian Ginseng 8-16 grams dry herbs or 8-16ml of a 1:3 tincture
Vitamin A 50,000 IU [Emulsified]
Vitamin D3 1200 IU
Vitamin C 30-50 grams [in solution not dry]

Bare in mind that Flaxseed is really used to get the Omega 3 content which is inferior to the EPA Fish Oils. If your a Vegan then you will want to use Flaxseed. So my friends you dont need to take both but at the levels given this will not harm you. EPA has been given in doses up to 250 grams a day with excellent results and some mild side effects if that.

I've come up with the above protocol from my research into the Cancer subject dealing with its 7 stages; Induction of genetic instability, Abnormal expression of genes, Abnormal signal transduction, Abnormal cell-to-cell communication, Induction of angiogenesis, Invasion and metastasis, Immune Evasion. You do not have to do everything in the above protocol but its there as a guide for you to follow and research for yourself. People shouldn't rush into other peoples works on their physical self until they're happy with what each compound is for and what its tackling etc. Do not take things for granted. Try to work with a Herbalist on your Cancer problem and ask their advice on my information which might suit you better. I've given you the dosages in my protocol but I cannot give you exactly the amount of food equivalent as foods are all different and of course we have the differences between organic and in-organic as well. All I can say is that Dr Max Gerson utilised 20lbs of Organic food a day for Cancer.

As people know, I've had a protocol for Cancer for a while which scaled down the supplementation I used to follow and promote at one time. We must remember that the supplement market is almost all about making money these days. Genuine health stores get bought out by devious American companies who are out to fleece you rotten for as much money as your willing to part with. Many of the products sold are inferior to what they should be and filled with poisonous chemicals like Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide etc. Anyhow I promote the following and have done for a long time in the fight against Cancer:

Blood Electrification (Robert C Beck) [1-2 hours daily or more]
Cayenne Pepper/Ginger drinks [250ml hot water, 1tsp Cayenne/Ginger, 1 lemon]
Cayenne Pepper Baths [25-50 grams in luke warm water & soak for 20-30 mins]
Colon Cleanse
Fasting [Water or Juice although Water/Urine is the most powerful]
Himalayan Salt [1/4 tsp for every 1 litre of water taken]
Juicing of Fruit
Juicing of Vegetables
Kombucha tea [500ml-1 litre]
Light Exercise [30-60 mins walking]
Liver Flushes [Hulda Clark]
Ozone Water/Insufflation/Sauna and if your lucky Polyatomic Apheresis
Parasite Cleanse [Hulda Clark]
Pineapples & Papayas (.5-1 Pineapple and .5-1 Papaya a day)
Slippery Elm Bark Powder 1-4 tbsp [divided throughout the day]
Some whole Fruit & Vegetables
Urine Therapy [500ml-1 litre or more]
Water [1/2 your body weight in lbs taken in oz so 150lb would equal 75oz]

Of course you have to use your head when dealing with your fluid intake. If you have 1 litre or more of fruit juice then your getting x-amount of water here as well as normal water. Remember on that tea and coffee are dehydrating and you will need to increase water intake more to cover the losses from these. Tea needs half to its own weight in water again, coffee needs twice the amount of water again to replenish the body. Please refer to the legendary Dr Batmanghelidj for more information on the water cure and protocol.

Cayenne Pepper drinks should be taken 3 times a day and up to 5 times in some cases. This seems to work very well with brain tumours. Please start off slow as 1tsp may be too much of a kick for you at first so start slow with 1/4tsp first etc.

Pineapples and Papaya are very important indeed due to their enzyme content namely Bromelain and Papain. When you understand Cancer further than allopathic medicine you realise its simply a metabolic disease stemming from the Pancreas just like Diabetes. Cancer is really a form of healing gone wrong and its really a form of pregnancy as the early stages of pregnancy are the same as healing such as utilising Angiogenesis. This is why pregnant women should not take anything which will inhibit Angiogenesis during the fetus stage. Cancer tumours are known regular to contain human nails, teeth etc. It was found the Pancreas was the main organ in charge of stopping Cancer thanks to studying pregnancy and when the placenta was being attacked as this is Cancer itself. It was thanks to the childs pancreas function. It is very important these enzymes are taken regular and throughout the day. Ideally Amylase should also be present which helps the whole process work correctly. The other Enzymes needed are Trypsin and Chymo-Trypsin. The first and main line of defense against Cancer is the Pancreatic enzymes then the Immune System along with defenses given from food namely Nitrilosides which are in decline in the diets of today. Anything which stresses the Pancreas will hinder your Cancer protocol and this includes lack of water which is needed to kick start the Pancreas to produce its alkalinty solutions for digestion. Take a glass of water 30-40 minutes before food and 2.5 hours after. So unless your compounds have other Anti-Cancer benefits and they strain the Pancreas such as Polysaccarides then they shouldn't be used.

I consider Fasting and Urine Therapy to be two of the most powerful treatments there is. If you also combine these two together the power is tremendous. When you understand the actions of Cancer you can see why these two treatments are so successful if done correctly. Urine at 3-5cc levels can also be injected intramuscularly once every third day with very good results. I've found Urine and water fasting together increases the power of the fast dramatically like the equivalent of a 7-8 day water fast in 3-4.

I will also tell people to investigate and utilise Dr Richard Schulze's Cold Sheet Method.

If your lucky enough to get some pus from a tumor then you can inject this and this has had great results.

Thankyou for reading this information, I hope it has been useful and will aid you in your quest for health once again. Cancer is not a death sentence unlike what you may have been told by allopathic doctors when they no longer wish to kill you with their expensive toxic treatments. Cancer can be dealt with and many have dealt with it quite easy and even in Terminal cases. You must remember that in severe terminal cases sometimes the patient is clear of any Cancer but has died from organ failure due to the extensive damage whilst the Cancer was present. This is why its still important people act as quickly as possible. No longer shall your mind be full of worry, death and stress. You need to think ultra positively, think of happier things and remove some of the stresses associated normally with this disease. Its surprising what positive attitudes can help happen and a good attitude will certainly increase the potency of any protocol.





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