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Re: Burton's Immuno-augmentative Therapy by beloved1 ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   6/6/2006 1:38:10 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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RE: I'm just trying to help you and hopefully others see the truth about cancer

Have you kept up on the situation with Sharon's mum? She has been on a solid nutritional program. Cleanses, vegan diet with fresh juice, suppliments, laeterile, and ozone. She even had IV megadose vitamins. And yet her situation continues to decline. And what happens everytime she posts an update? She gets another couple of suggestions to try. WOuld you care to suggest to Sharon where her protocol went wrong. If nutrition + ozone = guaranteed cure, then we should expect a different outcome.

Have you kept up with Butch's postings? His cancer has not been easy to resolve either. In spite of a disciplined nutritional approach.

This is the truth about cancer. It ain't child's play. it ain't anything like the common cold. I am happy that your wife had the recovery that she had. But you can not extrapolate her results on to the entire cancer population. Not unless you want to ignore reality.

RE: You can either have it or not have it right?

Well, you can have it and not know it. Remission means that there is no detectable cancer. Only time will tell if the cancer is gone. My attitude is to assume the worst, and expect the best. I continue to fight as if I have cancer, and yet each day that ends with my health in tact, moves me closer to being healed.

RE: And it seems you still believe there are all these different types of cancer.

Carcinomas have vastly different characteristics than lukemia, or lymphomas. They attack the body differently, spread differently, and have different weaknesses thave can be exploited. Of course, nutrition and a good suppliment are effective for all of major groups.


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