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Re: Anja- Parasite cleanse, Nystatin, Amalgams by Anja ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   8/12/2003 12:06:49 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I wouldn't take Nystatin if you don't have to - it's a pharmaceutical, and there are very effective natural antifungals, oil of oregano being one of them. I am really not that well versed on those, I've tried different things here and there, but became kind of overwhelmed with all the supplements and programs. From all I've read, I think it's important to stick to a low-carb, no-sugar diet that doesn't feed yeast, take plenty of pro-biotics, preferably from food sources (kefir and cultured vegetables, etc.), and if you are using antifungals, rotate them to fake-out the yeast, although I'm not sure at what intervals.

You can read about the Liver Flushing all over this site - I used the Hulda Clark method, but drank apple juice up until maybe 2 hours before the olive oil to keep my blood Sugar up, even though it set me back in the yeast department. I was very pleased with the results and plan to do more of them. I did a Bowel Cleanse with just a few different fiber products as well as herbal laxative tea to assist the process, I didn't do the Bentonite clay, and I still got out the mucoid plaque ropes, although it wasn't until about 6 months after doing the fiber products, and it happened right after I took my first dose of "Old Amish De-Wormer", which probably wasn't a coincidence. You can do a google search to find their site. I think it's Alpha-Omega Labs. I tried another parasite product, but I think this one is stronger, although I think there are a lot of good sources out there.

I had my Amalgams out about 8 years ago, but after reading about mercury removal on this site, it was probably not done "properly," although I'm sure I'm better for it. I might still need to do some kind of heavy metal detox. Try searching this site for more info on that subject if you are thinking of having yours removed. It s0unds like it's important, but also important to have it done right.

All this considered, I think everyone is different in what they need to do to get well, and you just have to expermient and listen to your body -try to find some healers in your area who can assist. Don't neglect the psycho-spiritual/emotional connection, either. I get a little bit of help and info from everyone I consult with it, and I've been patching together a program that works for me for a LONG time. It's a journey, that's for sure, but worth the effort. Good luck!!

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