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Selenium? Are you sure? by tobi ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   10/28/2004 11:36:35 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hey rockybird,

Could you link or copy paste some actual proof that selenium is good for you??

Second, what type do you rec, and which exact brand?

Take this into consideration.
-- Selenium is considered toxic.
-- Selenium was first discovered due to dead live stock.
-- When Marco Polo traveled China, his horses hoofs fell off, due to the Selenium rich soil
-- In places were Selenium is rich in the soil, people are sickly, bald, and have no finger nails.
-- In all studies I am aware of, serious side effects started to kick in at 400 to 600mcg.
-- Selenium levels in the atmosphere are a major concern in industrial settings (occupational safety).

Just for clarity.
MICROgram --> MILLIgram --> gram.

Some Vitamins like Vitamin C can be taken in grams. This is because your body will expose the excess in the urine.

Most Vitamins/minerals are taken in MILLIgrams. 55mg, 100mg, 250mg, 500mg.

Selenium is taken in MICRO grams. The recommended daily allowance is 55 MICRO grams. 'SOME' people recommend 200 MICRO grams.
Even Dr.CLark, who to my knowledge was the only person to have ever done Selenium studies on humans said 200 MICRO grams is the tops of what she considers safe.

Selenium starts to cause serious side effects at 400 Micro grams. Hair loss, finger nail loss.

At 600 MICRO grams, liver and other organ damage can take place.

At 900 MICRO grams, Selenium can KILL!

Now, what makes you think that something so EXTREMELY toxic that it can KILL at 0.9 MILLI grams (Keep in mind that almost all vitamins and minerals are taken in supplements above 55mg) is safe at 0.2 MILI grams?

Is this a huge scam?
Is this another thing that is GREAT for you like Amalgams are?
Who is pushing Selenium?
Were are the studies on humans?

Unless you know something I don't...I think it is logical to stay the hell away from "Selenium".


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