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Re: I am not a believer! It's just a theory at this point. by tobi ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   11/23/2004 11:11:52 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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This post is a complete 180deg turn from the one that started the thread. I know what you meant, but what you said was different.
I posted because I knew you did not mean what you posted and wanted you to clarify it.

I also knew that you been taking DMSA but I choose not to bring that up.

Again, stating that improper detoxification can be dangerous (THIS IS A GIVEN), is 100% different than stating that your body can detox on its own, as you stated that to be so in the start of the thread.

You have not provided any evidence to support this thesis, nor is there any evidence for it. If anyone can find evidence or anything that resembles evidence along these lines, please don't be shy, this would be great news.

If anything, what you posted strengthens the position against your thesis.

As I stated in the last post, no matter what, your body is doing the work. When you get life saving penicillin it is your body doing the work. Yet without the penicillin, the body left alone, many people would die. It is the same with every medicine, including heavy metal cheleters.

Your original thesis stated that you do not need to take a chelating agent (detox). You do. You need to take either sulfur, DMPS,EDTA,DMSA, Chlorella, or a combination to detox. Your body does not produce sulfur. Nor would you know naturally to eat a lot of sulfur. Nor is sulfur sufficient or safe on its own in a detox protocol. You need a host of supplements in the right combination.

Do not confuse getting the mercury out and feeling OK.
Also do not confuse Detox with Retox.
I agree that detox is complex and dangerous, this is a given.
It is also very costly. Either you pay an expert or you pay in time invested in research...and even then it is very expensive. Unfortunately, almost 100% of the people who engage in attempted detox do not invest the amount of time to fully educate themselves and a great deal would not have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the material in the first place. The only way I would ever recommend detox is if the person was rich and could afford an expert. However, this does not mean
1) The body can get rid of mercury on its own in reasonable amount of time
2) or that detox does not work, and safely at that.

I quite believe that the majority of self medicating individuals do harm, at least in the beginning of a detox program. However this is their own fault. DMSA is known to produce such actions.


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