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Re: answer to the huggins/morales question: by tobi ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   2/27/2005 9:28:22 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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hmmm, thanks so much for making this post.
You have to understand that Huggins is a big name,
so it is at least important to hear the other side of things.
None here including myself ever said Morales is bad, but a number of us had serious and I think legitimate concerns, given our access to information.

Now people can be much less hesitant to go to Mexico to see Morales. This is a VERY good thing... for the patience. :)

For a long time I could not pull my mind around why you didn't respond. The personal nature of the problems between Morales and Huggins explains this. If you want my opinion, make the post less personal. You can explain this in a simpler way...

There are two things I would like to ask.
One is not personal, the other is.

Why does Morales do extractions in one day? Isn't this against the IAMT protocol? I am not suggesting he always does it or that arrangements can't be made to change this... but there are limits. For example, the IAOMT protocol states that no more than 2 fillings removed per month. So if you have ~8 fillings that is 4 months that you need to spend in Mexico.... or go back 4 times. Does Morales do something special so that he can do it in one visit? I already had mine removed but I have some friends that need theirs also removed.

The second question is personal. One tooth is giving me trouble. The tooth is a back molar and it hurts like hell. If I have it removed will it cause the teeth to shift or is this some %§#&!ß-to make sure people go the root canal route? I have all my teeth. Perhaps this is something that is only a concern if you have many teeth removed? The tooth was fine until composite was put it. The filling is deep in one spot. DiamondCrown was used.


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