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Strangest question ever? by #56304 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   3/28/2006 3:01:21 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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This might just be one of the strangest questions asked, but it is a sincere one i assure you of that.

The other day while doing some neck stretches and movement i noticed one of the strangest things...

If i move my head from right to left at a decent rate, i hear this air like sound inside my head, almost like a squeak sound. Think of a dogs chew toy, the ones that squeak when they inflate and deflate with air, it sounds and feels almost like that, as if there is a pocket of air that is pushing or pulling in air when i make that movement, but INSIDE MY HEAD! hahha...

I guess this makes me an Air-head. Seriously tho, is there a rational explanation for this? I'm curious as to why i might be hearing/feeling this sensation of air moving inside my head when i make this movement. note that it doesnt do it when i go slow, probably becaus the change in pressure in the pocket is not fast enough or something...

anwyays, any thoughts??

take care all!

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