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Re: Forever and Forever!!! by rudenski ..... Gnostic Support Forum

Date:   1/26/2004 7:57:27 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Then you know nothing about Mother Theresa... Mother Theresa's life was driven by Agape Love... After such a beautiful post about agape love above you put back on blinders and refuse to see how loving God is...What if you are wrong about Mother Theresa. I have a poem by Mother Theresa that I have my volunteers put on the front of their handbook that is all about Agape Love. If you examine her life, Agape love is what you will find. Limiting salvation to a single small group with secret understanding is very typical of the hundreds of protestant denominations. When I was growing up, my denomination believed they were the only ones making it into heaven. They also believed Catholics were bound to hell. I lived in Mexico for almost a year and found Agape love in a larger way than I ever witnesssed it in the States. Almost everyone was so loving and kind to one another.I was arrogant thinking that protestant denominations were superior to Catholicism. By their fruits they are known... I learned my lesson in Mexico...Judge not lest you be judged. At this point, I believe that our works do not make it into heaven but only our Agape Love. It is not an all or nothing situation...We all get all of our Agape Love into heaven...everyone...Everything else burns up and is remembered by God no more... Eternity is not all there is...The dead know nothing at all. The dispensation you speak of does have some merit though. To participate in Christ's reign on earth one must have Agape Love and live it. But it is not limited to a few...The armies of the Lord are vast and great... not for the true worshipers but for the true doers of God's love. After knowing God, I know that my flesh is weak but day by day, I would only hope to become as capable of doing agape love like Mother Theresa...but even she was made of flesh & blood... Mother Theresa's flesh will never see glory....but her agape love will stand forever... : )

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