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Re: bulimic needs advice by #28811 ..... Anorexia & Bulimia Forum

Date:   12/12/2004 9:41:23 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hey girl,

I've also been bulimic since I was 12. I'm 24 now. There were times where I'd purge up to 4 times a day for months. I am "lucky" though in the sense that I have never experienced the scary health problems you are dealing with.

I told my parents when I was 14ish... they also decided that it was an attention thing - having no idea of the addictive nature of bulimia. After the "telling the parental units" incident I never once have mentioned it to them again. Unless your mom (or dad even) has been through it they probably just have no idea...

My husband is a medical guy and he thinks that (based off the little information you gave) that you are dehydrated, micro and macro nutrient depleted, and electrolyte imbalanced. You should start drinking pedialite a couple times a day for at least a few days and start taking a really strong multi-vitamin. You should also start drinking a LOT of water. He also says.. if you are going to purge that you should pick at least one meal a day where you don't and make sure that meal is very healthy - even if it's not a large meal. Obviously you should see a doctor as well - a medical and psychological dr. - but you should really do take the other advice if you are dead set against getting any kind of help for your problem.

Are there counsolers at your college that you can talk to for free? Sometimes there is on campus counsoling where you get the first few sessions for nothing. It might help you to just talk to someone...

I would hope that your parents would be more concerned about your health than the fact that you've been lying to them the last few years about your bulimia. I wonder what their reaction would be if you told them what you just posted here. I think I'd be terrified for my daugheter's health if I were them. What you wrote is very scary - the heart thing expecially. This can cause a heart attack. Please take the advice that I posted...

I hate to say it but for me what has helped with my binging and purging is fasting... I did The Master Cleanse for 7 days... 3 days.... and again for 10 days and after I did the last 10 day one I have only purged 3 or 4 times in 3 or 4 weeks. A huge improvement for me. It helped me gain a little control over my eating habits and it mentally forced me to gain a little control over my binging and purging habit. If you ever decide to go that route I have to warn you about restricting your calories after the fast... you don't want to restrict to the point of becoming anorexic, but it does help me to restrict my calories so I never have that "full" feeling that leads me to purge.

Please be careful sweetie... Bulimia is a very serious problem and it is something that you may need a little help with. There is NOTHING wrong with this and it is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Keep the faith... and let me know if you ever need to talk - just post here, I check it often. God bless.

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