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Re: random question?? by seangel ..... Anorexia & Bulimia Forum

Date:   2/25/2005 2:05:26 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Well...if your standard diet usually contains junky, processed food, and you suddenly switch to a more natural, low-cal diet, your body may actually just be detoxifying. That is healthy...that means your body is healing. but make sure that you're eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, & whole grains.. enough to maintain your weight...because when your weight drops too low, and you don't get enough nutrients, it actually has a complete opposite effect and you will destroy your body. Make sure you stay within a healthy range.

I've never had any kind of strange odors or anything, but that's because I've been obsessed with internal cleansing for like 2 I think I'm pretty much a clean slate. and before I started all the organ-cleansing business, I ate a steady diet of raw fruits and I guess that's why I never experienced any strange detox symptoms. After I became severely underweight though, yeah there were plenty of body changes that occurred… like- emaciation, all of my muscles atrophied, my eyes developed circles underneath of them, I grew lanugo (baby fuzz all over my body….yay how fun..), my hair is thinner and brittle, etc. That’s only externally though, it doesn’t include my severe heart trouble, blackouts, digestive disorders, losing my period, being too weak to get out of bed…

yeah, looking good (well actually, not looking good anymore)…is not worth the expense of your health. These are ugly, ugly disorders….not a diet….

How much are your eating now? Like how many calories? what is your height/weight? well make sure that you eat enough careful. this is not a game.


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