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Re: Edema by #37170 ..... Anorexia & Bulimia Forum

Date:   9/1/2005 11:22:15 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Yikes, you are definately at your bottom weight range, as I suspected...
Please, girlfriend, you are going too far... WHY? What has caused you to do this? Isn't anybody worried about you? Aren't you worried about your extremely low weight? You weigh as little as Mary-Kate Olsen but you are a LOT taller!!! She is only about 5'2" tall! How can you survive like this?
How are you feeling? Do you have any health issues that you know of? I mean, do you get dizzy/ blackouts/ head rushes, or other things? Are you looking completely skeletal by now? I hope you will find a way to get better... I have known so many girls that had to be tube fed... it makes me sad to think how lonely you must be...

Your brain was shrinking? I have read that you can prevent this by eating (good) fats. I know of this anorexic woman who claims that eating fats prevents the brain from shrinking. She is skeletal but eats fats like avocados and cheese I believe. I knew that anorexic's brains shrink... I know, it is scary...

Fortunately, I can lose 10-15 lbs without having hanging skin, lanugo or sagging boobs. I have done it before, and I do get hair loss but my hair is really thick and full to start with, so I don't mind the hair loss (although it does get a little limp). I am 5'5" and I want to weigh about 97 lbs to start with, then maybe slow down my weight loss and lose a couple more, really slowly. I am not planning to get quite as skinny as you are!! I do follow a strictly raw, certain fruits, egg yolks and sashimi-only diet, whenever I eat, to keep my skin as good as possible, and to heal it from eating bad quality foods in the past.
I usually end up looking pretty much similar to Kate Moss (older pics), with skinny cheeks but a lot of upper body rib and hip bone rib showing, some tailbone showing too, tiny waist, tiny arms but still enough muscle to look like a cute girl instead of a walking skeleton. I hope you don't look like a skeleton, but considering your weight, you must look like one... I have seen a few skeletal looking anorexics in my life and it has really scared me and made me wonder how they can be alive... or how they would want to look like that, but I can also understand how one could go too far and not realize it.

I have read that salmon oil and sashimi keep the skin from sagging when losing weight fast. Anything that is good for the skin is also good for the brain, so I guess if you have brain atrophy, it does mean that your skin is not doing good either.

My boobs just get very small/ disappear to pre-teen size, but I don't have big ones to start with. I like small boobs so that is fine with me. The only things I don't like about being skinny is the dark circles under my eyes (but make-up will cover up)... and ribs showing through my upper body too much when my lower body is not boney enough yet... and nails braking... obsessive grooming (that's a funny thing that increases to an obsessive point, the more weight I lose), and extreme paleness (also possible to cover up). Overall for me losing weight is like going into a time machine and coming out of it looking like a 17-year-old again. Really strange but I am not complaining.

If you are interested in decreasing any sagging skin, you can read about the diet I follow for the purpose of having perfect, tight skin. The following is the part about sagging skin and walking. I have indeed seen photos of anorexics with undesirable hanging skin, but I also have seen anorexic coke models naked who had cellulite all over their bodies, while other anorexic coke models didn't. Most of these models are told to lose weight after they get contracts with agencies and need to do Paris runway shows. Here's the quote:

"Don't think you need to work out to 'tone' your skin after having lost a lot of weight for that will automatically happen within a year if you maintain that same weight (6 pounds fluctuation max). Your skin will completely recover unless you gain and lose more weight again. Wait at least two years after having lost a great deal of weight before you even start thinking about 'surgical solutions'.

To attain the desired results you need long walks outdoors. Without this there will be no exercising of the connective tissue; it will be weak and your skin will be loose. This has nothing to do with being overweight or losing weight. A woman who has never been fat in her life will have the same problem if she doesn't walk: her skin will also become loose and flabby.

Nature gave us arms to grab things and legs to walk with. Walking is the most natural, healthy and effective exercise for the body.

If you want to have the legs and hips that models have, you must be active like a model; you have to walk, walk, walk and walk.

This is the only exercise that all professional models share and for most runway models it is their sole exercise. They don't have time to go to the fitness center during season, and because they walk so much, they don't need it. But the exclusive editorial and catalogue models who don't do runway, for example, don't walk that much, and so they need the exercise.

Sitting on your behind, whether at home or work, is the worst thing for the female body. If you want firm slim legs you have to walk.

There is no fairy godmother to make your dreams come true by taking away your extra weight and giving you the legs of a model.

But you can easily achieve both - all by yourself."

Please, I am afraid for you... I think you will die. Please don't die... if you can... try not to die...


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