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Re: question re: Master Cleanse by moreless ..... Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum

Date:   4/27/2006 8:38:07 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hi Kate,

Is the Master-Cleanse program designed to get the body into an alkaline state? Or was it designed as such?
I would have to say that this was not the original intention, as there is to much mis-understanding in it as to what is taking place in the body!

Now do not get me wrong, for I believe the person who came up with the idea has many good ideas and was doing their best to help people!

The problem which exist tho is in the fact that they did not, it seems, understand much about the Acid Alkaline pH Balancing principles and how the body functions Electrically!

In order to cause the body to go into the Master-Cleanse and or a flush or any other cleanse or flush, the body must go Acidic to a degree, or may we say for a cycle!

Yet, the end result of a successful Master-Cleanse may be that the body may become more Alkaline as a result of getting rid of the excess Toxins and Acids!

Now let us consider a cycle in the terms of the moon cycle for some understanding!

The cycles of the moon cause the ocean waves to make a High tide and a low tide!

Now does this only take place one time during the month of approx 30 days, or does this take place every 24 hours?

If you have ever been to the ocean, you would know that the tide comes in and out each day, not just one time a month!

So the point is that in nature, everything follows cycles, from the tide going in and out each day to the longer cycles of spring to summer and fall and winter!

Now do you like to eat each day or may you eat and live if you only do it one time a month?

So the body was designed to need to eat each day and in most cases several times a day!

Now this means the body also has cycles it must follow to stay healthy!

There is a time to eat and a time to rest and a time to work and a time to eliminate the waste from the body!

The body was not naturally designed to go on a 30 day cleanse without supplying the body with the needed Alkaline Minerals to be able to neutralize the Toxins and excess acids which would become Released into the Lymphatic system during this length of a cleanse!

And this is one of the biggest problems and mis-understandings of the MC or any other Cleanse and or Flush!

Now "IF" the body was in good shape and has a very good Reserve of Alkaline Minerals to buffer the Toxins and the excess Acids which may become Released into the Lymphatic system when one attempts to do "ANY" kind of a cleanse or flush, then one may have great success without taking any additional Alkaline Minerals, as the body reserves may provide the neccessary Alkaline Minerals to react against the Released Toxins and Acids to protect the body from much Pain and discomfort during the cleanse or flush!

And the bodys reserve of alkaline minerals may react against the Lemon juice and or any other acid which is used to induce the MC and or flush and the person may do very well during the whole process!

Now another note about the Lemon juice and or Epsom Salt used also for a cleanse, both of these used in heavy amounts may cause the body to become too Acidic!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lemon juice is acidic, but may only cause the body to become Alkaline "IF" there is some source of Alkaline Minerals which it may react against to cause the end result of the body to then become more Alkaline!!!!!!!! "WITHOUT" a source of Alkaline Minerals, the Lemon juice may not cause the body to become Alkaline,"BUT" may cause the body to also become TOO Acidic also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"BUT" the reality of the "FACT" is that most people who need to do a MC and or any other kind of Flush, do not have Enough Alkaline Mineral Reserves to stop many problems from occuring during the process, and it is for this reason that many people suffer needlessly, because they do not understand that when you try to flush the body Toxins and excess Acids out of the body, that if you do not provide enough of the proper Alkaline Minerals to neutralize these Toxins and excess Acids, that they may go thru Great Pain and many unneccessary problems!

Now to answer your last question or may we say your real question!

Yes, you may recieve good results from a MC if you supply your body with the needed Alkaline Minerals along with the needed Carbon Complex, which Blackstrap Molasses and Lemon juice and or ACV and Epsom Salt and some form of Calcium , like some Lime water, if you choose or some other good source of Calcium may help provide!

Smile Tis your choice.

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