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Re: ~ Moreless ~ by Tyler Durden ..... Alkaline/Acid Debate Forum

Date:   5/19/2006 10:58:00 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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To Lapis and anyone else concerned

I think the degree of frustration felt by some of us the past couple of months is mainly due to the manner in which Moreless addresses the rest of the forum's posters, apparently believing he has a monopoly on the "truth". We do not need to be clobbered over the head with his repeated talking points over and over although he is entitled to his opinions, he needs to show more respect for others and quit chastising or berating other posters who disagree or opt to pursue other avenues to better health than the methods he's proposed. Disagreeing with Moreless who has "more or less" commandeered the forum as of late means to be insulted as if we're little kids misbehaving, and frankly I don't think he realizes this.

I myself agree with the acid/alkaline theory for example but believe the issue is more complex than just eating the right and avoiding the wrong foods. Many folks myself included have gone on strict, healthy diets for extended periods of time and have seen no significant health improvements. At this point it becomes obvious that dietary improvement alone isn't enough, hence the DE-ACIDIFYING cleanses such as the liver and kidney, etc many of us do regularly. So we're all here to trade tips and learn from each other- we all have the same goal, and we are all equal, yes? Being belittled for having a dissenting (but respectfully expressed) opinion not only flies in the face of the purpose of Curezone but places certain poster(s) on a pedestal as more "important" than others and immune from having to take any criticism.

That being said he obviously has a loyal following (not to mention various people whom have gotten good results from following his advice) so I agree 100% on the creation of his own forum as a centralized source of discourse for his 'teachings' as it were, however should he get his own forum he'll continue to post on others since one of his main goals seems to be simply seeking attention.

To sum it up- this is the *Alkaline/Acid Balance* Forum, not the Moreless Forum.

Just because his advice has merit (no one's disputing *that*), does not mean 1) it's the only road to health, 2) following his advice will work equally well for everyone therefore it's valid in every single case, so this justifies the exclusion of other methods. Thus far we have encouraging stories from various posters following his advice but this is hardly concrete proof his theories apply to everyone thus legitimizing the sweeping generalizations he tends to make. He could use a good blog, a comprehensive FAQ (good for all since he wouldn't have to repeat himself), and perhaps a posting limit of some sort (maybe just a kind suggestion?) so those who choose to learn from him can do so and those of us who respect his ideas (but heard him the first few times) don't have to wade through dozens of informative but basically self-aggrandizing posts.

Please don't delete this post just because it's not all flowery happy-talk; I feel it brings up some valid points and proposes how to help make the situation fair for all of us, so more good contributors won't leave (which hurts everyone). Thx

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