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please help! mom's very sick, in hospital. is this due to surgery? by ConceredDaughter ..... Gallbladder Surgery Support Forum

Date:   5/30/2006 12:47:35 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My mom had gallbladder surgery a couple of months ago. She seemed fine after that (although she seems to be *really* good at hiding when she's in pain or has any problems until I find out that she is just about to go into surgery or is I don't know...).

Anyways, a few days ago I found out that she had been hospitalized because she was throwing up everything she ate and couldn't even hold down a sip of water, not to mention was having intense pain in her abdomen.
At first we thought that she would only spend a day or two in the hospital, but she seems to be getting increasingly worse.

Like I said, she is the type of woman who doesn't let on if she is in any type of pain, so for her to show it means that she is really suffering. Tonight, for the first time in my life, I had to watch my mother as she was moaning in pain, and barely able to walk. As the morphine that she had wore off, on a scale from 1 to 10, she rated it a "10" (which is bad comming from someone who passed their secretly passed on their own without going to the hospital). After she got her next dose of mmmorphine she rated the pain a "5".

She can't eat anything now without being in intense pain afterwards, and just today has written out her will.

She has already had a cat-scan and x-rays done, and they both turned up normal.

The doctor thinks that maybe one of the Gallstones from her bladder came loose in her body and is causing this, but they can't find anything. So, really they don't know what's going on, I guess, or what to do.

So, I was wondering if anyone knew if these symptoms could be related to gallbladder surgery or problems? And if so what to do about it?

And if not, if anyone knows what else may be causing all of this?

*Any* advise would be *so* appreiciated.
I really can't stand to see her like this...

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