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Re: Conspiracy Theories by Chaz ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   5/29/2005 8:21:25 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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LOL what a pretty world you describe! At least here at the Debate Forums ! If you just want opinions why come here! I view these Debate Forums as a place where the medical establishment puts forth its propaganda and we debunk it! Thats just the nature of the ganme! the medical people come to curezone and and try to debunk alternatives to thier protocal! Their protocal as I see it is the accepted mass opinion ! They have driven consensis since they started using dangerous and questionable practices! They are the level at which all knowledge about health issues started at today! And by the looks of curezone and the multitudes of alternative health sites that people have given up hope on them through trial and error a real scientific protocal! Those who come here to debate and denounce really only come to denounce ! They see instantly that the average person here at the zone is way past being manipulated by normal consensis driving ploys and wind up turning to charactor assasination to those who really put them in thier place! To those who stand up to them ,it ther only recourse they have after trying the everyday ploy of jargonistic medical speak! If you,ve noticed resurectionist was an avid poster who would embellish post after post even if no one responded to him! But if you look again you will see his redundancies where ubiquitis ,he was obsessed with his one point and ignored anything that strayed from that and discounted any proofs presented to him as stupid! This is what a medical troll does ! The last thing he really wants to do is debate! he merely hopes to disrupt and confuse those new to the alternative concepts and those not quite sure about them! Simple baiting and trolling to distract and dissuade ! So a word of advice, do not come to these Debate Forums to make a judgement , all debates with med quacks are not meant to inform! That is why these debate forums where designed !Its a nice containment unit for med trolls, quite ingenious of the webmaster!


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