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Re: Which should I take??? by #163080 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/6/2003 5:05:12 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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NONE of those yet.

You will never get over the candida as i have figured out the hard way. These things need to be done FIRST:

Start ramping a dose of Primal Defense. SLOWLY. I started with 1 tablet a day and it was too much. So start with 1/2 tablet a day for first week. Follow suggested guideline precisely this will help rid of candida. (NO GRAINS) If you follow this you might not have to do a candida cleanse later.

Do bowell cleanses as much as you can- try them all. I think the coffee enema rocks!

(Don't think like Pasteur, it is not the germ that causes the disease. It is your weakened immune system that caused the disease!)

1 Remove Amalgams or any metal- (if you have them) Follow the protocol on curezone for the removal. You not only have the small amount of toxicity from the metal but they also mess up your body's electrical, meridians and etc.

2 Do a heavy metal de-tox- (even if you didn't have amalgams) The heavy metals are in so many things(foods cooking equipment) and if your body is in the state of yeast overgrowth you are most likely to toxified. There are Bentonite clay baths, cilantro tinctures, herbal de-tox systems and shots you can get from a doctor. The best but expensive is PCA (worth every penny I'm sure)-

Also has good info on Mercury de-tox.

3. parasite cleanse- read up on Dr. Hulda Clark s parasite cleanse and protocols.

4. Candida cleanse- Fungal Defense by Garden of LIfe, if necessary.
5. LIver cleanse

6.Kidney cleanse.

NOW you have an IMMUNE SYSTEM!

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