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Something went wrong and somethings went right by Angel0131 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/14/2003 1:03:51 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hey it's Samantha. The one who posted My work laughed at me when I was going to have surgery. Ok This is something that I did last night. For the last two days I am using this pill for the Colon Cleanse and it is working good. I am taking extra Ornithine and Arinthine. And taking This pill Stone Free three times a day. So Far so good and then I am trying to excersize more. Did a 3 mile hike yesterday with my family and 1 mile holding my 2 year old. That was a lot of work. Then after working last night, I am a waitress, I picked up Sea Salt Extra light olive oil and grapefruit and coke. OK I took my pills, Then Sat down trying SOOOOO hard to do the olive oil and graefruit. OK guys I am seriously getteing so sick from it The goosebumps on my hands and up and I want to throw up everytime I have a sip. Then I down it thank god with coke. I had a big glass of it. I mix the two together, oil and grapefruit. I got 3/4 done and called it quits. Then right after I Got a little cup put a tablespoon of Sea Salt and warm water in it and chugged it down using coke once again as my chaser. OK feeling good I got it down but feeling nausea from everything.
So I go to bed Late then about 6:30 am I get up need water drink almost 4 huge cups of water try to go to bed. Now I am feeling sick again. I was like either I am going to go to bed trying not to throw up or I am going to go to the bathroom. I cant take it anymore I go to the bathroom. Good thing to once I stepped in there I threw up everything Alot of water. Oh well I didnt throw up too much olive oil.
Sorry this is long!!!
About a hour later. I have to go to the bathroom Number 2.
I have never had a number 2 like this ever. Seriously it was like I was peeing out of my butt. That sounds sick, I know. BUT I had stones coming out, Yeah!!!!
This is the end of my story

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