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My first liver flush-plus need some advice by Kizer ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   2/23/2003 2:33:42 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hi all, I did the liver flush. I used the e. salt with grapefruit. Needless to say I will mix as I go next time. Which I doubt I go this route for a liver flush. Things went fine....but at 10. pm. I layed down and my feet were so cold. My legs and My lower back really hurt. I at some point had a major pain in my upper left chest. Anyway between bathroom trips and all....I didn't get much sleep. By 7am, I soaked in a hot bath. Needless to say I really needed this......It really burned when I used the bathroom either way....I would use it then jump back in to get relief. This got worse til sometime after 4pm. I never felt so much pain and this made me weak and lightheaded. Oh yes I have hemmroids (hope the spelling is right) anyways...guess this was the cause....I have taken e. salt before....and this never happened. Well the salt burned both ways even on the skin around the areas. But above all this, and feeling so weak and drained, I can say I passed 74 green pea size things!! My skin feels soft. And areas under my eyes have gotten a little lighter. Some sores that left red behind for the longest time seems to be getting lighter. I can breathe clearer. I don't feel as if my head is clogged up. And the back of my throat, I can see signs of them clearing up....It does not hurt or feel pressured when I swallow. And of course lower abdomen got smaller and area where I had surgery got smaller....area under my breast in smaller. Area around my breast and ribs does not hurt as a swollen area under my left arm is gone. So my experience is told.....sorry if I seem to jabber on. My question is "Have anyone seem to experience the burning and all?" And is there another way to do a Liver Flush with out the e. salts. I would love to finish cleaning out the liver and all, but doubt I go this route again. Will the Bentonite and husk powder clean it out also? Also Can someone give me some advice on the Bentonite and husk powder.....guess I am looking for a detailed sch. to follow. I don't want to go wrong. I just rec. a juicer, and would love info and recipes on this.:) Sorry so long..forgive.....But another Question....I am working on my health, but is there a site on children's health? Like if children can benefit with taking Bentonite also and how much. But any info is good....we have being watching our foods and so forth...Well thanks ahead to all that can help me....and I am sorry I posted a long post.:) A Brighter Day......Kizer

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