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3rd flush results-more sceptical than ever by joe ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   3/19/2003 8:51:26 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I did my third flush last night, (the first two were in January and February).

I drank a lot of oil down, a full mugful with the grapefruit juice. 2 normal adult doses of magnesium, one as Epsom Salts , the other as milk of magnesium.

Quite a disturbed night, a little nauseous and so on.

4 or 5 bowel movements this morning and a lot of green lumps, probably 100-150 in total.

However, once again, all these lumps look newly formed, being of uniform consistency and colour. Some are brown on the outside, while some are green, but this difference only seems to reflect the amount of time in the bowel as they are the same green inside.

As a way of checking, I heated some of the lumps up on the stove to see what happened. And guess what, they converted into oil very quickly.

I am coming to the inescapable conclusion, as I see it, that these green lumps are just congealed olive oil, congealed through the interaction with the grapefruit or the magnesium or the bile. If one thinks about it, it does make sense: after all, where does all this oil go if not back out through the bowel. There is too much to be digested on its own with nothing else to bind to, so the body just seems to be expelling it.

I always wanted the notion of a liver cleanse to be true as I have had two episodes of choleocystitis, which were dangerous and painful. Also, in general, I am a supporter of alternative and self-methods in the fighting of disease and the maintenance of health. So I am not ordinarily or professionally a sceptic but cannot see what else explains these phenomena. Seeing the lumps melt back down into oil was a kind of clincher, although it was only what I had expected.

So where does this leave the liver flush? For me, it still feels like a cleansing of the digestive system, so may be used on that basis. I do feel a little cleaner and brighter after each of the flushes. But I have seen no evidence whatsoever to uphold any idea that Gallstones are being shifted here. Most people only claim the emerald green stones so it also looks as if what I am arguing here is the case for most people.

Against that, it is sometimes claimed here that this interpretation cannot be true as consistent flushers eventually stop passing stones of any description. I have no explanation for this and would only ask for those people who claim this to come forward and explain in detail. It is also sometimes claimed that the stones are forwarded for lab inspection and are confirmed to be gallstones, (of a sort). Again I cannot understand this because of the points I make above. If this is the case then it needs more clear and thorough evidence.

I feel we are in need of a little reality check here. If a liver/gall flush could be carried out in this way, with a high intake of fats after a period of fasting and some magnesium, then it should be possible to repeat it with other fats, such as whipped cream.
To summarise: the flush may be of benefit as it gives a sharp cleansing of the entire digestive process but there is a powerful case to suggest that the so called Gallstones expelled during the process are, in fact, only congealed lumps of olive oil.


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