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Re: 3rd flush results-more sceptical than ever by Tracey ..... Liver Flush Debate Forum

Date:   3/19/2003 5:17:01 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Well, I have to say that none of my 'stones' look like those bright green things. Mine look like meteorites! Those bright greenies look like freshly formed cholesterol...but the ones I've gotten out look like old buggers...and although not 'hard as stone'...they're firm. I suspect mine are liver bile duct stones. (see intraheptic stone picture - that looks exactly like mine!) I have never released 'hundreds' of stones.

Stonehedge is one who did a whippedcream flush (but, unfortunately he then hours later took some olive oil/gf as it wasn't a good test! rats).

My next flush will be an ice cream flush...why not? (haagen daaz strawberry! mm mmmm) I've got to check this out.

So...I see my stones IN a liver and that seems pretty clear.'s true...people have passed stones by just fasting then taking the Epsom Salts . (those greenies are cholesterol, not olive oil). AND Tiratu, on her 30 day fast, once she started drinking carrot juice had an 'accidental flush' and got lots of floating stones out too.

Bottom line: the flushes really do help people! (some, not all - but then we all have certain mind-sets that may not allow for healing - or whatever millions of reasons...)

My friend did 2 Liver Flushes and 2 weeks of b&p and his psa (prostate growth) went WAY WAY down to below levels it was years ago! nuts.

People who have had stagnant bile (pale poos), after flushing, all of a sudden have darker poos (bile is releasing now). Those flushes clear you out....stimulate your liver....get things moving.

I have only heard of a few people getting out calcified stones. (maybe a handful of people) Including one woman who had an ultrasound before and after flushes....the doctor said she got 2 of the 4 stones out! So!

It can be done!




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