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Re: Activated DNA? by HealingHearts ..... Consciousness & Awareness #1[Arc]

Date:   8/14/2003 10:38:42 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I went to a psychic fair because a person activated the 22 strands of DNA as a profession. That day I received my DNA Activation, I had a Cord Cutting done (cutting cords to everyone that you have ever come across) and had my abilities unblocked.

Since I had that done on 8-2-03, I have had things come in multitudes but only at levels that I can handle, and I have even asked for more to come in and received what I had asked for an hour later. But I can see my guides now when I ask for protection to where I couldn't see them at all unless in meditation or unless some were really strong when coming in at first. I could however see other people's guides and angels at times. I can now "hear" better, as well channel my energy better when I do reiki for helping others. In fact my normal healing sessions have went to an hour for normal things down to a half hour.

My cord cutting helped get rid of much emotional garbage instantly so when I had my DNA Activation done (a few minutes later) it didn't all come up and slam me in the face. Right now I am working in releasing my emotional issues that started me and kept me smoking and after doing it for only for 2 days, it is going a lot faster and much easier and I am releasing huge issues of abuse and trauma. I also noticed changes in my smoking habits now so it is working.

But for me it was a total phenomenal experience as well as a spiritual enlightenment. Most I can't even describe because I have no words for this awe that I feel now. Especially when my gifts that I had are increasing which is also helping others much better and faster.

If you are interested in it, I suggest that you find a reputable person who does this as a living because there are people going around on the net as well as in person and saying that they are doing these things and not doing so and giving what can be a beautiful enlightenment a bad rap.

I asked my guides and angels to point me in the right direction and it took me from June to August to be led to reputable people for my DNA Activation and other spiritual modalities that I had done. :)

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