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Re: I am no longer skeptical about the power of Vitacel over my acute diverticulitis! by hopeheal ..... Diverticulitis & Diverticulosis

Date:   12/30/2004 2:09:11 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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November 25, 1985

In early October of 1984, my wife, Laura, brought home a brochure describing vitacel Vitacel supplements and potential benefits. She had been to lunch with her aunt (78 years old) who had been taking GH3 with excellent results. Knowing that Laura had some physical problems such as Acute Diverticulitis, she suggested Laura study the brochure and consider trying the vitacel GH3. We read the literature describing Vitacel GH3 as a product that had benefited people suffering from many ailments, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, hearing loss and diverticulitis. We were skeptical. Nothing could be that good and not be approved by the F.D.A.

I was going to be 70 years of age on November 25, 1984, and I was controlling high blood pressure using 4 different drugs daily I had hemorrhoids that were annoying to say the least, and I had just spent a relatively large sum for hearing aids. I also had arthritic pain intermittently and Diverticulitis symptoms, for which I knew that there was no cure.

Within two weeks after learning that Vitacel 3 existed, Laura developed severe pains in her arms and shoulders (diagnosed as tendonitis), making it impossible to raise her arms above her shoulders. We looked at the brochure again and decided to try the Vitacel GH3. Our order arrived sooner that we expected and we began taking GH3 as directed. Within one week, the arthritic pain in my hands and arms was gone. And within two weeks, Lauraís arm problem was gone. We were less skeptical.

We have taken GH3 every day for over a year. I hear better now without my hearing aids than with them; my hemorrhoids have disappeared; there has been no reoccurrence of diverticulitis symptoms; and thereís more.

Starting in November 1974, I had blood in my urine for a two to three-day period at intervals of three to four months. At the first occurrence, my doctor sent me to a specialist for various tests and a bladder examination. The tests showed there was no cancer in the tract, but they were inconclusive as to the cause of the bleeding. Four months later, the same occurrence, same doctor, same specialist, same tests, new laboratory, results - no cancer Possibly the bleeding was caused by prostate disorder. In the year that followed I learned to live with the almost clock-like occurrences, but never without a feeling of apprehension. The occurrences were less frequent, and as I saw no reason to spend a lot of money on a condition that apparently was going to be with me the rest of my life. Since October of 1984, there has been no blood in my urine!

For at least the last ten years prior to taking GH3, my golf game was limited to nine holes of walking; any more required a power riding cart and even then, my feet really hurt. This summer and fall Iíve played 18 holes many times without a cart and no aching feet.

The feeling of well-being has progressed constantly since taking Vitacel supplements. I am no longer skepti≠cal of the effectiveness of Dr Koch's Vitacel supplements. I am living proof.

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