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OK here goes by trapper/kcmo ..... Magnet Therapy Support Forum

Date:   9/28/2005 1:36:18 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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magnets. you have been to alex chius so start there. if you are so inclined, just buy the rings and/or footpads from him and you can be sure to be wearing them right. wearing them wrong is not good, as he points out. i took the cheap route. once i figured out how to determine which pole(pos or neg) goes where, i took suitable magnets off of my fridge and taped them to my fingers according to his instructions. the confusion(and it could be on purpose so you WILL buy them from him) comes in by two seperate disciplines which one calls neg north and the other calls neg south. i go by neg and pos to remove all confusion. the north pole of the earth is negative, so a compass will point the needle that shows north to the negative pole of a magnet. the magnets are placed on the fingers in such a way that they attract through the finger. the pos pole is facing up on top of the right hand pinky. the neg pole is facing up on the top of the left hand pinky. i used three quarter inch wide srips of a plastic milk jug as the frame for taping the magnets to. i got tired of taping them directly to my fingers. electrical tape works best for me. fridge magnets are weak, but i got several immediate reactions from then, most notable was that my internal temp raised from 96 to 97.5. i was so miserable that this was a godsend and eventually disqualified me for alternative t-3 treatments for wilsons thyroid syndrome. it didnt make me happy at the time, but in retrospect saved me from another intrusion by so-called medical science(most natural doctors are not much better than allopaths). the other significant change for which i was able to obtain empirical data was my blood pressure. checking it at the supermarket pharmacy, i consistantly got much lower bp with the magnets on.

alex says he thinks the rings work because they increase metabolism. that statement is what prompted me to try them and i think this is true to an extent. the magnets seem to align the red blood cells so that they travel easier through the capillaries. it is the capillaries in your fingers(or toes, i had both) that are clogged and not getting oxygen to the tissues which is causing the blue effect. my mother had several segments of her fingers amputated due to this condition. more on oxygen later.

the strenght of the magnets is important. i eventually began getting old hard drives and taking the magnets from them and using them. sometimes you have to break them in half because there are both poles on the same side and other hard drives have two seperate magnets for the same job, sometimes even four. these magnets are powerful. i even tried stacking them in pairs on either side of my finger. they are so powerful that they will stay on your finger without any help by attracting through the finger. they can pinch a blood blister if they catch you just right! i figure my rings were about ten times more powerful than alex's strongest ready mades. i wore them day and night for a couple of years due to my body temp. man, can you ever detect electromagnetic fields with these on! i tell you this, i quit going to the self checkout stations at the store because right at groin level, you are getting zapped! i let the clerks soak that up for me now. also, stay away from tvs and computers while wearing them. my old gateway monitor has never been the same, even after hitting the degausing button many times. i figure i was wearing 15-20 thousand gauss on each hand. the magnets are shielded in the hard drive and some superglue denaturing fluid from a hobby store will remove them from these brackets and keep them intact. patience. i was really pushing the envelope and i think the strongest ones alex offers will do the trick. at the time i had been out of work for years already and couldnt afford them so i experimented. also, they made me spacey after wearing them for days on end and i would have to break for half a day or so. the good effects of the rings would last longer and longer after taking them off so that i eventually was able to quit wearing them during the day. i cant tell you how frustrating it is to have flatware stick to the back of your hand at dinner or your hand suddenly be stuck to something metal as you brush against it.

oxygen. you already have the stuff - food grade 35% - so here it is . on an empty stomach, and i do mean empty(some vets use peroxide as an emetic for animals), place three drops in a glass of distilled water(you should only be using distilled water as i believe this leaches the inorganic minerals from the body which are at the root of raynauds) and drink it down. next day put four drops, etc. work out your own schedule based upon you activities and eating schedule. i had instructions which built up to 40 drops in one glass. i say listen to your body. this stuff is powerful. i got up to a dozen drops and held it there as i was getting plenty of benmefit from it. as you get used to it and up the concentration to a comfortable level, maintain it till you get the desired results.

my experience went like this. i put three drops in a glass and drank it. about an hour later i had a mild but pronounced headache. please keep the drugs out of your system. thats how you got where you are. i was able to sleep without aid and awoke the next morning to the same headache. being the fool that i am, i put four drops in a glass and drank that. first thing in the morning is a good time to do this because you are surely as empty as you are going to be. an hour later my headache went away, the brain fog which was overwhelming diminished by half(i described it then as having a reverse lobotomy), i felt much more warmth in my body(probably the heat from oxidizing all the crap in my body), and best of all my emphysema went completely away and has never returned from that point on. yes, i blew chunks a couple of times after taking it. and yes, you need to stop taking so much at some point and reintroduce probiotics into your system for digestion purposes. study this because you need it for a lifetime.

another reason oxygen is so necessary with raynauds is due to its cause. this is only a theory but here goes. there are bacteria called nanobacteria which have recently been discovered. they are super tiny and have calcium coats instead of protein coats like viruses. these have been discovered to be the main constituent in some hardening of the arteries. the calcium builds up over time. the extra oxygen helps break through these protective coats. i think this is what is clogging the capillaries at the extremeties. and if its happening there, imagine what the rest of your vascular system looks like. i think it is the extra oxygen made available through aerobic exercise which is the main reason aterial sclerosis is prevented by such activity. if we had scientists that cared more about people than grants from drug companies, we could investigate and know so much better than we do now. finding new ways to get people to buy plastic drugs is not my idea of better living through science, especially considering the pedestal they have placed themselves on and demand respect to.

hope this helps. oh yeah, if you wear the magnets the wrong way, you can tell right away. i would all of a sudden realize something wasnt right and would feel strange tinglings and other phenomenon which i cant remember well enough to describe. i just knew it wasnt good. see, the manner in which these are placed on the body is designed to get the iron in the blood to flow the proper way. you will notice on a chinese chart that where the rings are placed is at the end point of the triple heat meridian. another reason my temp went up, i think.

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