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Liver flushing tips (taken from newsletter) by #25 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/2/2003 7:52:31 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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There are a variety of protocols for doing a liver/gallbladder flush – and I have done many of them over the years. Following are some tips I’d like to share:

1 – About 12 years ago I did my first flush. I fasted on apple juice for two days and I passed hundreds and hundreds of stones – BEFORE I drank the olive oil and lemon juice – so there is no way they were congealed olive oil as some unknowing critics say. It was challenging, but very effective.

2 – The quality of olive oil is very important when flushing. Low quality olive oil can cause acid reflux, nausea and may prevent stones from being passed, not to mention it is very hard to swallow - literally! Spend a little more on the olive oil, you’ll be glad you did. I recommend the cold-pressed, organic, extra virgin olive oil by Spectrum Naturals – in the dark green bottle. It’s about $7-8 for 12.7 ounces and available at most health food stores.

3 – Wheat grass enemas are another great way to flush out the colon, liver sludge and even gallstones. The most effective way is to grow your own and juice it or buy it freshly juiced from the health food store, but this can be labor intensive and expensive. The most convenient way to go, which is also very effective, is to use Green Kamut, a powdered form of wheat grass available at most health food stores. It is also available online Someone recently posted that they could not get down the olive oil mixture, but felt they still needed some flushing. Doing a series of Green Kamut enemas would be a great alternative in such a case. (I can send out the protocol if people are interested.)

4 - After spending so much time and energy flushing out the crud, most people are interested in maintaining a healthy liver/gallbladder/colon/kidneys. The best way to do this is through healthy eating and regular maintenance cleansing. Food Fitness by Phone is a group of healthy eating and cleansing programs via interactive teleconference calls that can help. It is a convenient and affordable way to get the information and support you need to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For more information,

5 - According to the medical field, four times as many women have Gallstones as men. One primary reason for this is that most women in our fast-paced, polluted, poor diet- oriented culture are estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient. Estrogen congeals bile and progesterone emulsifies it. For this reason supplementing with natural progesterone cream is critical for maintaining not only a healthy liver/gallbladder, but also for reversing and preventing osteoporosis and many other female maladies as well.

To read a great article by Dr. John Lee on this topic, go to: To all who contribute to Cure Zone - thank you for this fabulous site. It is helping so many people take control of their health in a safe and natural way.

Good health to you all!

Kelly HayfordNutrition & Health -

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