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Date:   10/2/2004 11:45:52 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Originally I thought it was a parasite, but now am not so sure.

The first one was bigger than a quarter and looked like liver. I left it in water and it just spread out, didn't dissolve. I could see little specks in the gelatin substance. Now I get these with every BM. Sometimes they're clean, sometimes wrapped in mucous. They're either round or tubular most no bigger than a dime. Sometimes just a gloopy mess with no form as if they haven't had the chance to congeal.

What concerns me is when placed in rubbing alcohol, it becomes reddish. Is this blood? Blood blobs? When left in a dish, they mold to the shape of the dish and join together and become one big blob. Ahhhh togetherness!

Yesterday I rushed to the bathroom cos I thought I was about ot have a bad case of the runs. I passed a rope. It was rubbery at one end while the other end was soft and flaky like floating thin skins. Inside, I could see these burgundy blobs.

What are they? where are they coming from? why so many?

I'm using Yerba Prima Renew. This started on my third day and I still have 2 more days left in this cleanse. I'm almost done - Yay!

blobfully yours,

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