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Re: Flu-like symptoms during bowel cleanse by little_star ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   2/10/2006 11:27:15 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello Bundles A1, and thank you for your encouraging response! I decided to eliminate everything at once because I knew if I just stopped one bad thing a week or fortnight or whatever then it would take ages to do, and the positive changes I would feel would take longer to come about. I think I would be more likely to lose heart then, and go back to consuming bad stuff.

I did think I would miss having a drink as I have a stressful job, and some nights it is nice to come home and have a drink to unwind. But to be honest, I have felt so much better physically (obviously apart from my flu symptoms which are fast receding now!) that I know it would set me back to do so, and therefore I have not wanted to. I'm not saying I will never have another drink again - I will! - but not for at least another 3 weeks. The only things I have missed so far are cups of tea (you can tell I'm English!) and salt. The tea I can live without, but I was such a heavy salt user that I really miss the flavour. I'm really focussing on telling myself my tastebuds will get used to it, and how nice it will be to rediscover the flavours of different foods, instead of everything just tasting of salt! I'm having goats milk products instead of regular dairy, and already feta cheese is beginning to taste a bit too salty no matter how much I wash it first, so it seems as if I'm making progress!

Thanks for letting me know about your recipe - I will certainly give that a try as it sounds delicious! And I think you're probably right about the possible lowering of the immune system during the early detox stages. I have read a few articles saying that short detoxes can do more harm than good, as they stir up all the toxins but the detox is over before they can be eliminated.

I hope your bad week is getting better. Hang in there - I'm sure you'll get through it! Take care, and thanks again for your lovely response!


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