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Could Really use some help one this one!!! by #24047 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/1/2004 6:14:15 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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This is my first post, I have been reading the Zone for awhile now. Love it here, so I decided to join.
Now this is my problem, I'll try to be concise and summerize my problem. O.k. First of all have had hemorriods for I believe a couple of years (didn't know what I do now). In January of this year they acted up so bad I couldn't walk and was bedridden. After approx 10 days, they burst and the odor was like that of a female dogs anal glands (pew!), really scarred me didn't know what was happening. Anyway they settled down, or so I thought.
I have been doing a parasite cleanse for over a month now (Kroeger Herbs - Wormword Combination). I have lost a lost of impacted matter, and a lot of Rice things. OK now here is what I would appreciate some help on- I still have the hemorriods and if I view them you can see small white things in there and I have also seen some coming out (either the rice or once a small little worm). I apologize for the graphic explanation. I was wondering if anyone else has had pockets of eggs/worms like this and - what should I do?
I have been working so hard to try and get rid of this things but don't feel as if I am progressing fast enough.
Thank you


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