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Re: TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY on Unidentified Skin Parasites by itchykate ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   6/27/2004 6:00:31 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My husband and I both have had these symptons.My doctor treated us for body lice scabies and hair lice with lidane shampoo and lotion. I noticed a slight difference but they are still there crawling under my skin. When I put the fuzz balls under the microscope I see black and red strands. Sometimes they are wound really tight.I have also found a few cluster type egg sacks. skin colored.I see the black little dots and black fibers on our skin.
these are the things I have been doing
I wait until my husband is asleep then I take a flashight and a lube( magnifyer) and look at his skin. I have found what looks like tublar little worms hanging on him. I have seen them crawl out of his skin.They connect themselves to the wound where they exited.
I vacuum my bed every day or two days and wash my sheets blankets and pillows about every day or two.I vacuum my furniture every day or two.I wash my clothes in hot water what I cant wash I threw out. I have noticed a slight difference but not enough. I want them gone. I have a 8 week old grandson that Im terrified to hold.I use Ivory soap because it coats the skin and makes it harder for insects to live. I got this idea from gardening. When your plant has pests you use ivory soap in water and spray on the leaves.
I use a brush on my skin when I shower to remove any thing on me.
I also use a louse comb on my hair and pubic hair several times a day. we have never seen a louse. But we find brown things that are some kind of egg I think. You would think if it was lice we would find a louse.All I find in my hair are those masses of fibers. I had long hair and I cut it above my ears.
the biting is the worse. It wakes me from a deep sleep. I use a sharp little scalpel type knife and scrape my skin to see if I can find anything. I see flakes of skin and hairs but Im not a proffesional but some look like worms and eggs.I wish I had a better idea of what Im looking at.
my doctor already is thinking im crazy and i havent even told him anything but how I have been showering twice a day. and he said dont get parnoid about this. It really made me mad.
Thanks for your interest in this problem.
All this and not much relief.

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