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This is what I do to get Ascaris out of me by heyjude ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/8/2004 5:54:36 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Ascaris are the hardest to rid your body of in my opinion.
I have had some huge ones, they are so thick-thick as a pencil.
My longest ones have been 15inches. Just tonight I got a 4inch
one out and 2 that were 1 inch. I feel so much better every
time I get some of these out. These are the ones I can feel
scurrying all over my body just under my skin. Each time I get
some out I have less of this terrible crawling. They have races
up and down my legs (sometimes I win)This gives me chills, like a fever, hard to get rid off, I will be freezing until they stop racing. I feel them moving up and down my back. Curling around my toes, you can watch the skin moving around my toes. I feel them around my lung, not sure if they are in a lung and have come out coz when I feel them here I grasp for a breath, strange feeling, hate it! I use to feel them at night on top of my liver,(those are gone now). In my face, top of my head, ears, stomach, arms, fingers, rectum, everywhere, there is not a spot in my body safe from these invaders! But I will get them, all of them, I shall win this war!

I also have tried many different ways to get rid of these.
I have been fighting parasites for two years. I use a zapper
and have taken many different herbs including Hulda Clark . I do liver cleanses. I feel you need to find what works best for you, some herbs I have tried do nothing for me but may work good for others.

I have found 2 different things that help me get Ascaris out.
One way is the L-Cysteine, I take 4 to 6 pills, morning and
at night. The other is bee propolis 4 to 6 pills, morning and at night. I don't take both pills together, I take the cysteine for 6 to 8 days around a full moon and then the next full moon I take the bee propolis. BUT here is the other thing I have started to do in the past 6 to 8 months that really helps, whenever I take the cysteine or bee propolis the Ascaris race to my rectum, I read for liquid, don't care why, so when I feel them having their dancing party in my rectum I do a tea tree enema. I do a quick easy one, I buy the throw away enemas, dump out the ingredients, I add a cap full of tea tree oil and fill with warm water. I sit over the toilet and do the enema, holding as long as I can.
EVERY time I do this I get Ascaris out. That is what I did last night, took cysteine and did the tea tree enema. Well that is what works GREAT for me. I end up doing the tea tree enema about 4 times a month, whenever I feel the dancing party going on in my rectum. I give them a party they will never forget, swirling down the toilet......I like that tune


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