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Re: CoQ10? by heyjude ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   12/30/2004 11:23:42 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Oh yes, I have done the COQ10 many times over the past 2 years, at least 8 times that I have written down in a log booklet I started to keep. I didn't really notice much either, as expensive as it is I wanted to see something each time, but I kept trying it, I haven't used it now for the past 6 months, probably won't, I just don't feel it worked well for me and feel that I gave it a good try.
Yes I use a zapper, I have 4 zappers now, I use one on the calf of my legs, trying to zap those darn races!!!! I feel the parasites that I feel are very resistant to herbs and zappers, I would think that with these critters being just under the skin, a zapper would kill em' right away, but when the zapping sesion is over the races begin......sometimes I will zap again right away to stop the races, it does but only for a short while. I try to zap everynight.
You don't have to do an enema with the L-Cysteine, I didn't at first, I take 6 pills morning and night. I just couldn't stand the dancing parties in my rectum and started the enemas. I have had such good luck with them I try to always surprise the dancing parties now!!! I got some big critters out without the enemas before.
I am not sure if a doctor would treat you for a Tapeworm or not, I've had such bad luck with doctors not believing me in the past. I now take pictures of all large ones with a ruler and date next to the parasite and log it in my journal. But I had pictures before and one doctor said he couldn't tell these were parasites and how would he know that they really came out of me......this was the specialist that treats people before they go out of the country so they won't get parasites. He didn't believe I had them because I hadn't been out of the country. I feel like I would have to tell a lie to get any help from a doctor....yep, doc, I went to Mexico, Asia, Europe, matter of fact doc, I went to every country on the map!!!!! DUH!!!!
Again, you may want to try the herb Elecampane with your Wormwood combo, 4 pills each time, I got out many 3 to 4 inch roundworms with this method. Had a funny gut ache the first time I did it, then had to hurry to the bathroom and wow, lots of these came out of me, now I don't have as many come out, that was last summer.
Now I am working on the large ones that love to race.
The most wonderful part of all this cleasning is I don't have the ones moving above my liver area, or the ones I felt around my lungs that would absolutely take my breath away when they moved around, or the ones I could feel racing up and down my spine, and the kicks and flutters in my stomach area-espescially around my belly I have made much progress in my opinion, it has been a long road, but I feel I am on the trail now that leads to a dead end for these nasty critters, which makes it all worth what I have been through, I am slowly regaining my health back. Now I hope I can help others, as I was helped when I was in disbelief and felt so all alone.
Everyone is different, you will need to try different herbs and combo's to see what works best for you.
My heart goes out to everyone, this can be a very overwhelming and lonely problem (no one talks about it),come here often, it has helped me, sometimes with tears (knowing I wasn't crazy or alone) heyjude


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