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Re: Qwer: Salt and vitamin C by linkin ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   10/24/2005 6:37:12 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Qwer: Been doing a couple of hours research on the net about the above protocol and found this post on a forum. Hmmmmm, the internet is a mighty fine tool, but sometimes I swear it causes confusion with so many opinions.....linkin

"This link/website you mention has come up several times on Lymenet, there has been quite a bit of discussion about it. You may want to do a search on Several people I know of have contacted lymephotos with questions and no replies have been received. Why not?

Strangely, noone has claimed to be cured by using this method.

If you take Vitamin C in large doses you WILL get diarrhea anyway.

What accepted method was used to identify those critters in the photos, and how do we know what they REALLY are?

I am curious who the we/they are that are referred to on the lymephotos site?

Anyway, here's what one person said who's tried the protocol you mention. This is from

]"This recommendation of high dose salt, high dose vit C is what used to be called a "salt
pruge" to clean the bowels. It's been around since the 70's.

It did it about 20 years ago (well before I knew my problem was really Lyme). I was under the care of a well know Alternative Dr.
in British Columbia at the time.

There is a protocol (you just don't ingest all the C and salt at the same time - it's a 3 day purge.).. and it involves drinking gallons of water.

If it's done correctly, you will shed everything in your intestinal tract - yep - it'll remove everything, including all the micro flora... which means you have to repopulate it by eating carfully for a while after.
That much salt really can upset your entire system - so if you try this -
talk to a good alternative Dr. familiar with the practice before you do it.

If done incorrectly you could actually shed the entire moucous lining in the intestinal tract (like what happens in severe cases of Salmonella) and then the recovery period will be several months.

It's not going to cure Lyme though.
It didn't in me anyway[/I]."


"This website is a dangerous hoax set up by Ed McSweegan, the former Lyme Program Officer at NIH who got booted out of his post for harassing the directors of the Lyme Disease Foundation.

While in his post, McSweegan did everything in his power to ensure that Lymies would never be able to get proper diagnosis and treatment. He played an integral part in the revision of the CDC western blot criteria to drastically reduce the numbes of people diagnosed, and he helped to put the dangerous and ineffective LymeRix vaccine on the market.

Why did he go to such trouble to set up this hoax? God only knows. But it's an old trick that, if you want to cover up the truth about something, you ridicule it in the hope that everyone will throw the baby out with the bathwater."

EDIT by linkin: I notice that a website link is in blue bold. This must have happened automatically when I copied and pasted it. Just wanted to say I haven't done it : )


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