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Re: lying and full of misconception by newdawnfades ..... Lupus Forum

Date:   10/29/2003 8:51:22 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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have you ever sat in a doctor's office when they tell you things that contradict basic anatomy and chemical functions of your body? i have.... i've sat there silently while they prattle on with their canned statements that are not even scientifically sound. i just would sit there and listen and pretend that i understood their illogic. then later would think about 'educating' them on basic human anatomy/physiology.. but alas, why bother? they are in it for the $$$$$$$$$ do reh me....

i had one doc ask me why i was improving so much... why? bcse i (unlike her) understand some basic rules of science, order and logic... a framework if you will, that allows me to check what they tell me against what i know to be cold hard facts generally accepted by the Science (and medical) community... :) because I believe that if there's a way into the hole there IS always a way out... if i was well before then i can be again... i'm not optimistic every day but that is my basic understanding of how things work.

the body as the healer is generally accepted in many countries, ones where medicine is more socialized and wealth is more equally distributed (not equally but more equally)..... i have found there to be hundreds of research studies on healing/health not funded by pharmaceutical companies.. however, they do not get recognition except in obscure Science journals only read by die-hard research scientists... logically, there is a reason for everything...
and those scientists who do it for research purposes are constantly being crowded out by those who do research funded by pharmaceutical monies & big-whig recognition. after all -- how glamorous IS the liver/gallbladder flush? it isn't. people wan't to lazily pop a pill. if we stop accepting the crap we're handed as if we were too stupid to reason for ourselves, if we as a society said 'enough' and acted as our 'we the people' own government and showed those in office that we are intelligent, discerning consumers, perhaps things would change. I don't see it happening though, unfortunately... it's all about the 'dumbing down of America' so that those who aren't dumbed down can reach their grimmy hands into my, your, and the next generation's pockets..

PS -- do you know what medical school YOUR doctor went to & whether s/he graduated near the top or the bottom rank?

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