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Re: a very sucessful detox may make you feel worse - temporarily! by boronia ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   3/18/2005 7:15:04 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Lisa, apologies to you (and anyone who reads this) for this long post but you raised quite a few points and I want to address some important issues. BTW I'm certainly no expert in chelation/mercury issues etc. I'm just sharing my experiences, those of others and some research which seems to fit with those experiences.

With respect Lisa, you seemed to get quite defensive about my post. The point I was trying to make is that using these (and for that matter ANY method of chelating/getting rid of metals) can SOMETIMES be dangerous or TOO MUCH to cope with for SOME people. I've read testimonies of people who's symptoms were far TOO difficult to cope with following some of these methods eg using chlorella. I think that it would be irresponsible of me to not share that or my own experiences with people.

You say "The symptoms getting momentarily worse is a part of it" When I used chlorella I didn't really know what was happening, all I knew was that it was far too difficult to cope with and seemed to be affecting my nervous system quite a lot. Though I thought it was probably to do with metals it didn't matter as I couldn't really function properly....this wasn't a MOMENT or short period of discomfort, it would not STOP, until I stopped taking it. Hell is fine if it does only last "momentarily".

Since then I've read about other peoples' bad experiences of taking chlorella, much more severe than mine and so have reached the conclusion that it might not besuitable for everyone. I was pointing this out in my post.
I DIDN'T say it isn't suitable for ANYBODY.

Likewise FIR saunas for some people who don't sweat, (where the metals are supposed to exit) might be unsuitable. I certainly felt very very strange (in my mind) after my experience and I've heard others say similar things. I wanted Mage just to be AWARE of that. I did not tell Mage to not trust her own guidance so I dont' know why you point that out to me?!

Thyroid and adrenal health (aswell as the liver) play a big part in this and if a person is depleted in cortisol etc they might not be able to tolerate these methods of cleansing. Do you understand what I mean?

The work of Andy Cutler is very interesting. He argues that it depends where the mercury is. Some people have more of a body burden of mercury, OTHERS have more of a BRAIN burden (affecting their brain and endocrine ie adrenal, thyroid function quite a lot) and in his opinion it can take a while to come out of the brain and requires a lot of care and thought to do safely.

I don't understand your point about me being on the liver cleanse forum?
I know detoxing/chelating is not an easy ride at all but it helps if we can go through this process feeling that we can more or less cope and understand and stay in control of this process, otherwise it's pointless. I totally agree that liver, bowel support is vital to any sort of cleanse/chelation process and I have done 1 liver cleanse only but have been too ill to do any since. I do intend to more though, when the time is right for me :)

No you're right I don't know for sure if the baths drew out any metals, they might well have done I just made the point that I didn't notice any difference to my health either way. I will probably do more though as I don't see any harm to them. My problem isn't with clay baths, it was with the other methods talked about.

I used capitals in various places just to emphasise my points :), not to ram them down your throat as it can often appear!

Seems like these methods have worked well for you and you understood what was happening and presumably you could cope and they were temporary. That's fantastic!! Don't assume however they are fine for everyone. I simply urged Mage to do some research and use caution, what's the harm in that?

Have a great day! :)


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