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Re: a very sucessful detox may make you feel worse - temporarily! by boronia ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   3/18/2005 10:11:01 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your reply. I'd love to have a consultation with Andreas....I'm sure I'd get a lot out of it, he's a unique and very caring human being. However finances do not permit at the moment.

I very much agree that intuition is important and it was my intuition that told me to stop taking the chlorella. I've had C.F.S. for 12 yrs and it's been a very up and down journey. I've learned to trust when things are getting too rough for me to handle though I have made many mistakes based on my ignorance or just impatience to get well quick.

I also totally agree that medical tests can at times be at best inadequate and worse pretty useless when it comes to understanding non-specific illness, or even specific illness! And research too is not always objective, I totally agree. We can only trust ourselves but sometimes other peoples view tally with our own experiences so it's easier to trust their approach.

Andy Cutler's approach covers many things, far too many to go into here (and I'm not saying I agree with everything he writes). He recommends to chelate frequently ie every 3 or 4 hours with very low doses of ALA (possibly plus DMSA or DMPS)for a few days on then few days off. People are following his protocol with results though it's not a straight forward path by any means (BTW ALA crosses the blood brain barrier). He strongly recommends to support the adrenals which he feels is one thing missing from most advice given about chelation. Anyway I'm not a spokesman for Andy Cutler, I'm looking into his approach and perhaps doing it (alongside the usual other things saunas...which he also recommends....bowel cleansing etc.) I haven't started any proper chelation yet apart from the 2 pascalite baths.

Yes I know your mind is affected as things come out, I've been there and done that many many times over the years.
Yes a person's adrenals and other glands are usually affected quite badly by metals as they have an affinity with fatty tissue which is why it's so important to get the balance right between chelating and supporting and supporting those glands with for example herbs.

I didn't mention saunas or chlorella in my first post as it didn't come up. You can't cover every aspect in one post. I advised Mage to investigate further before taking any action.

Sorry I took your statement the wrong way about Mage following her wisdom. I thought in my first post I was urging her to seek more info and then decide what is good for her. But we can't decide anything without gathering as much info as possible, then using our intuition to decide.

I wonder if Mage knows what a discussion she has provoked!
I hope she's OK :)

I'd not heard the extra advice you mentioned re saunas door etc so don't know if that helps or not but it makes sense to be more gentle.


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