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Re:Anne by boronia ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   3/19/2005 9:04:30 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Mage, thank you for your post and support :)

Yes I've been using natural methods for years....I've been mostly chemical and drug-free for a long time. I've never taken many chemicals or prescriptions drugs in my life at all, apart from the occasional recreational one!

Since I've been ill I've practised many natural methods of brushing, therapeutic baths, eat mostly organic food, juice veggies regularly, do bowel cleansing, (regular water and urine enemas and more recently coffee and flax oil enemas...flax oil enemas are supposed to help with metals detox), kidney cleansing herbs, rebounding, urine therapy (which I've had astounding results from at times), oil mouth swish (the one Andreas recommends) dietary changes etc. I also did my first liver flush in January.

I know chemicals are harsh on the body and I would usually totally avoid them. However I am considering taking ALA which is freely available and is used in many antioxidant supplements. Alos I have taken it before. I may also take DMSA though I'm reluctant to do this and it isn't compulsory.

I know my adrenals and thyroid are stressed and I manage this in many ways though I am going to see a nutritionist soon may have a cortisol and DHEA test done with her, though I tend to know how my organs are glands are coping anyway by my symptoms.

I may consider taking a glandular alongside the liver support herbs and probiotics I take, to help if I decide to chelate.

I don't think this is an easy path to follow and it may prove to be too uncomfortable, I don't know that yet.

Let us know how you get on too!
I'll be thinking of you.
Take care :)


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