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Sucidal Depression by Raynbo ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   5/4/2005 3:07:01 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Thank God you are open.

A life long friend of mine, who I care about deeply, is in a lot of trouble. He is 58 years old, and was forced to retire 8 years ago due to serious emotional and physical problems. He is a college graduate and has a masters degree in psychology, so he is a bit stubborn in what he believes and does not believe in.

He started taking anti-depressants while he was in college and ended up in the psych ward as early as his sophomore year. By the time he was 50, he was throwing up blood and placed on lifetime disability, as he was told it was a life threatening condition and he has been retired ever since. They have given him countless drugs over the years, including some used for cancer. Most recently he has been taking Paxil, Welbutrin, Zypretia (spelling) and one or two others - 4 or 5 in all - all for depression and anxiety. A few weeks ago they took him off Paxil because the vomiting had returned, and he has been having nightsweats and other scary symtoms that they said "could be" side effects from that particular drug.

Frequently he has a lot of rage, and has told me of how he had broken tables and 2 by 4s with his bare hands, but he does not hurt living things. He nursed his father until his death from Alzheimers and loves animals. When he was working, he was the head of a college guidence department an created may wonderful programs for helping underprivileged students.

For the past several years he had been having "blackouts" when he can't remember where he is or how he got there. Sometimes, even when he is driving his car. Both of his parents died of Alzheimers, his mother at 54 and his father when he was much older. His father beat him a lot and emotionally abused him as a child. He had a very good relationship with his mother. He is very concerned that he has Alzheimers. He has been losing a lot of his teeth and has been diagnosed with sciatica.

I have been trying to get him to come to you for counsel, but so far he has resisted. I have been trying to get him to meditate using the Holosync tapes, but he has resisted that too. He as very strong beliefs in genetics and feels that becuase his father was depressed to the point of being violient, there is no cure for him, only management.

I sent him some Aloe Vera and liquid cholorphyl (to sooth the vomiting), B vitamins, enzymes and Pau de Arco tea for his blood, adreanals and liver, and they have just arrived, and he has not taken them yet. I know you do not advise vitamins and enzymes, but I am not a professional and I did not want to send a lot of herbs as I do not know how they would react with the drugs, and I didn't know what else to do. I hope I did the right thing.

A few days ago he took a large overdose of his drugs and threw them up, and I am thinking it was a suicide attempt. He left a message on my machine, and he sounded tearful, and so I am frantic. We live on the opposite coasts, and so there is very little I can do. I pray for him, and I have people in my Divine Light spiriutal group praying for him too.

Any advice you can give him (I will send it on) about how to manage his condition and get off his drugs would be greatly appreicated. I send him parts of your books now and then, and I am still hoping that he will come to you.


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